Date: 5th November 2008 at 8:30am
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The penalty we won last night against Atletico Madrid was never a penalty in a million years. But as some commentators say, “I have seen them given”. I would be so mad right now if Atletico were awarded that penalty last night instead of us. Why did the ref then award us the penalty? I believe it was because of the influence of the Kop. It was at the Kop end and the Kop was chanting right up until the final whistle. When Stevie went down in the box, the Kop roared calling for the penalty and the ref pointed to the spot. From that angle, you would have thought that the ref’s assistant would have been the one to award it be he did not.

I guess justice was done as the ref did not award us a penalty for the hand ball early in the second half. But then again, I thought Carragher handled the ball in the box and that also should have been a spot kick. People always talk about the crowds influence in a ref awarding a penalty. Last night was evidence of that. If that instance happened away from home, we would never have gotten the call. So thank you to the Kop last night for winning that penalty for us.


One response to “The penalty the Kop won”

  1. ashraf says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Ron. That was never a penalty but we should have gotten one earlier. The Kop was amazing last night but i think we can all admit that yet again we were very luvky last night. They say it’s the sign of Champions but hell we will all die of heart attacks if we keep on playing this way!!