Date: 5th November 2008 at 8:54am
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The new coach of Argentina, Diego Maradona wants our midfield ace, Javier Mascherano to be the new captain of the Argentina national team. Mascherano had come out and said he did not have the charisma to be captain of his country, but Maradona said: “I want Mascherano to be my captain because I believe he is the Argentinian player who is closest to the idea I have about the Argentinian shirt – sweat for it, sacrifice for it, being a professional, being close to the team-mate.”

Maradona then went on to say that he will convince Mascherano to be his captain. I know we should not interfere with national teams but this could have a direct affect on Liverpool. Mascherano is a critical part of our team and we need him at his best all the time. Being captain of your country is a huge honour which many people will jump at the opportunity of having but Javier has come out and said he does not want the job. He probably knows the pressures that go with being captain of such a great footballing nation and that could affect his game.

I am behind Mascherano on this one; if a player does not want a role then let him stick to his decision. The last think I would want is for an unhappy Mascherano playing for us. Who knows what Diego is going to say to him and if Javier buys it. On the other side, some players have become even better by being named as captain. I just hope this whole scenario has a positive end.


2 responses to “Maradona wants Mascherano as captain”

  1. Tonka says:

    I think Masher is being a little bit silly here and also a little bit dis-respectful to his country and also one, if not thee sporting legend in Argentina and the world Maradona. I know being the captain of Argentina is a huge role but what an honour to be asked by such a person. Surely every professional footballer has has dreamt of leading their country out as captain at a World Cup. This is what Mascherano is turning down because he thinks he is a bit dull. Being a Captain is shown by your attitiude on the pitch. I think being captain would bring Masherano out of his shell and probably make him a better player rather than have a detrimental effect on his form for Liverpool.

  2. Sturon says:

    ….and then Mascherano could ‘legally ‘ argue with the referee without the fear of a sending off ! lol
    Seriously though , I hope he takes it , its a rare honour and only bestowed on those thought worthy ! Im sure he will become a better all round team player for it …