Date:2nd November 2008 at 12:22pm
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We have lost our first game of the season. I am finding it hard to write this post this morning. I was so upset after the game last night that I just needed to go and get a drink and try forget about the game. But reality kicked in this morning and I realised that we actually lost! I guess this is all part of football, you win some and you loose some but there are times, like yesterday, when you should not have lost the game!

When Kuyt opened the scoring within the first five minutes of the game, I thought we were going to be in for a thriller and the game could either end in a 4-3 victory for us or we would win 4-0. But as the first half went on, we looked in total control and were playing like the home side. We easily could have gone in at the break leading 2-0. We needed that second goal and reading Rafa’s reaction to the game, he also said he wanted a second goal to seal the game. But that second goal never came even after many glorious chances.

The longer the game went, I had a funny feeling that something bad was going to happen and happen it did: Carragher score an own goal. I would love to find out how many own goals Carragher has scored as I am sure he has quite a few now. Can you blame Jamie for that one? I am not too sure. He had to go for the ball but how he headed it in the wrong direction amazes me. After Spurs had equalised I was now actually hoping we would hold out for the draw as we did not look like we could score a second.

Babel came on for Keane and I was largely disappointed with Babel. I would have preffered Keane to stay on for the 90 minutes and hoped he would make all those Spurs’ fans who were booing him to keep quiet. But then in the 90th minute we got a sucker punch! I was out of my seat when Bentley fired that shot and Reina pulled off an amazing save only for Pavlyuchenko to score the winner from the rebound.

Loosing in the 90th minute hurts. Now I know how those other teams feel when we have beaten them in the 90th minute. What hurts even more is that we should have won this game easily. It is one loss but one loss too many. We may still be top of the table but we have dropped 3 crucial points especially since Man U and Chelsea won. We can not afford to drop anymore points now and we need to start playing seriously and punish teams.