Date:15th October 2008 at 8:50am
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There had been a lot of rumours circulating in the last couple of days about the possibility of Jose Mourinho becoming the next Liverpool coach. I laughed it off when I first heard it and thought that it was just paper talk as the papers were running out of footballing stories due to the international week. But then today I see the same story in the Daily Mail going on about Mourinho eyeing a return to the Premiership.

Now there is no way I can see Mourinho going back to Chelsea so that would leave Arsenal, Manchester United and us. Mourinho has always talked about his desire to manage Liverpool but we as fans, would we want to see the so called ‘Special One’ in the dugout at Anfield? I certainly would not want to see him there after all he has said about Liverpool in the past. I feel Rafa is by far a better coach and tactician than Jose. I am not too sure how the players would react to Jose, I can certainly see the likes of Carragher not seeing eye-to-eye with Jose at all.

I would take Rafa over Jose any day, no questions asked. I just hope all this talk about Jose is not unsettling Rafa, but I am sure Rafa is a bigger man than this and is laughing all this off.