Date: 13th October 2008 at 6:57pm
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I was reading the papers this morning an came across an article in the Daily Mail which was mentioning that Liverpool maybe in the hunt for striker Fernando Cavenaghi from Bordeaux for £13million. The 25 year old Argentine has been in red hot form in the French league and there is a possibility that we could end up with two Fernando’s upfront at Anfield. Now after I read this news, I thought to myself, “Do we really need another striker?”

My immediate answer was “No”. Why do we need another striker when we have Torres and Keane then we can use Kuyt, Babel, Ngog and if need be the likes of Nemeth and Pacheco. Adding another striker would just seem to push the likes of Nemeth and Pacheco further down the pecking order as I feel their time will come and they will be stars for us.

But with that said, if Torres were to suffer a serious injury and be ruled out for the season, who would we turn to to get us 30 goals a season? First thought would be Keane but is Keane really an out and out striker who can do it all by himself? I don’t think so. Keane is the perfect second striker but never was and never will be your out and out number 9. Kuyt has had the chance to lead the line since he came to Anfield but he failed and thus has been pushed out to the right where he is more effective. Babel has been a left winger for the majority of his time at Anfield but says he prefers to play as a central striker. I can see Babel in a number 9 role but not in the next season or two. So in a nutshell, if Torres gets injured we maybe stuffed and maybe that is the reason there maybe a potential move for Fernando Cavenaghi.

Now I will be honest and say I have never seen this guy player so I am not too sure exactly what he has to offer. Statistics show that he scored 22 goals in 35 games last season for Bordeaux. Not a bad return at all but I am always hesitant of these strikers who come from other leagues with great stats but fail to make an impact at Anfield. Just look at Kuyt, he came with a huge goal scoring record from Holland but can hardly find the net at Liverpool besides on European nights. Then we had Cisse who came from France, just like Cavenaghi would, and Cisse bagged tonnes of goals in France but never really got up and running at Liverpool.

For £13million I think Cavenaghi maybe too pricey but then again he could prove to be a snip if we sign him and he goes on to score a bag full of goals. I guess Rafa knows more about these players than we do. I think we just need a striker who is capable of playing the same role as Torres does incase Torres gets injured. Right now, the only guy I can think of who can take the number 9 jursey over with ease is most probably Ngog! But then he has very little experience and I do not think he could handle to pressure of being the player to score the goals for Liverpool’s quest to #19.

So, fingers crossed Torres does not get injured this season and life can go on well. Whether Torres gets injured or not, do you think we need another top striker signing?


2 responses to “Do we need another striker?”

  1. Drew says:

    we do not need another striker. we do not need any defenders. we just need a solid threat on the right, aka right midfielder. also, new owners would be nice

  2. Dave says:

    I am the opposite and believe that another top striker at the club would do no harm. Keane is not the same time of player as Torres so a proven striker in the Torres mould would be beneficial to the club as a whole and cover for Torres is he was injured and also a good sub to give him a rest every now and again if possible closer to the end of games.

    I know we have others such as Ngog etc etc but they are unproven and I don;t think would be up to the standard required at this time to move into the 1st 111 and start scoring the amount of goals required to maintain or current challenge.