Date: 10th October 2008 at 8:14am
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This is scary! It is said that Manchester City are willing to offer Torres £200, 000 a week! Now firstly, I think these football players salaries are getting out of hand and Carragher shares my views has he believes there should be a salary cap. The Arabs who have taken over Manchester City look set to shake up the way things run in football. I mean how can you offer someone £200, 000 a week? Some of us will never earn that much in our entire lifetime and here you have a guy getting it every 7 days.

But lets not panic as Torres is not greedy (I hope) and he has turned Manchester City down. At times I feel these players want to win trophies and be successful on the field more than anything else and thus they will turn down these big money offers. It does not make footballing sense for a player to leave a team like Liverpool and go to Manchester City all because of the money. Torres knows where his bread is buttered and he stands are much better chance of getting silverware at Liverpool than at City.

BUT there is one problem tho with regards to Fernando’s future at Anfield and it all hinges on our owners. Torres may just decide to leave Liverpool if Rafa leaves. I see where Torres is coming from as players have a certain amount of loyalty to the manager that signed them. Now as I mentioned before, it is high time they give Rafa a new contract so the players know what the long term plan is at the club. I would be dammed if the owners let Rafa going and subsequently Torres leaves!


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