Date: 8th October 2008 at 9:27am
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Reports over the last 48 hours are suggesting that Juventus are lining up Rafa Benitez as their new manager. Now our American owners have not given Rafa a new contract and if I were Rafa I would be worried as to why are they not giving me a new contract. It is no secret that the owners approached Klismann once upon a time and that left a bad taste in Rafa’s mouth. Now with the owners not showing any sign of giving Rafa a new contract, Juventus are sniffing around for his services.

We do not need such distractions especially when we are doing so well. Honestly, right now I can not think of a better man for the job than Rafa. We need Rafa to stay and I am sure 9 / 10 of the fans will feel the same way that I do. Give Rafa a new long term contract so he can set long term plans for the club. We do not need to be chopping and changing managers. Continuity is the key to success.



3 responses to “Give Rafa a new contract!”

  1. Dave says:

    Exactly, this is the last thing we need right now. Things had seemed to settle down off the pitch and this has meant the team can play without distraction but the Yanks just seem to always know when to throw a spanner in the works. Who knows what they are thinking. Rafa has 18 months on his contract so maybe they are seeing how this seasons ends before deciding on Rafa’s future. I really feel that we must win something of note this year or else they will use this as a reason to get rid of him as they feel the club is not making any progress.

  2. All the speculation about Rafa’s future is just what we don’t need now. This is yet another example, by the American owners just how much they don’t know about our club. How much more evidence do we need to prove that the only thing they are interested in is their own pockets. By not offering Rafa a new contract, they are only proving what we already know, that they couldn’t care less about the future of LFC…