Date: 9th October 2008 at 1:48pm
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Are these a bit of sour grapes from the Juventus coach? Ranieri has come out and said that the reason he did not sign Alonso in the summer was because Alonso was too slow to play in the Juventus midfield. He goes on to say that at Juventus the likes of Mauro Camoranesi and Pavel Nedved do not track back to support the midfield like the left wingers, Kuyt and Riera do. I think this just goes to show that Ranieri is not a good coach. If you have someone like Alonso in your midfield surely you can instruct your wingers to track back if need be. I think Ranieri has just come up with a poor excuse and he should have just kept his mouth shut!

I for one am glad Alonso did no got to Juventus as he is now showing some of his best form for Liverpool. I think Ranieri is now just upset that he did not get Alonso in the summer as he has seen how well the Spanish international is now playing for us. I bet you there are little voices at Juventus asking Ranieri why he did not sign Alonso and now he has just come out and thrown the ‘too slow’ excuse to us!


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    I’d still rather have the 10 million+ I’m glad we didn’t get Barry I guess but we have midfielders coming out our ass.