Date: 8th October 2008 at 2:07pm
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In an earlier rant you would have read my thoughts that UEFA will try everything in their power to stiffle the top clubs within the EPL in order to stop an English domination of the Champions League. First idea came from our great friend S.Blatter who wants Europe to review foreign owners of clubs. This was a pure attempt to get something started to prevent cash being invested into the EPL which would ultimately mean stronger teams entering European competitions. Of course he said that this was not directed at the English clubs but in Europe in general but aint it funny how he has only decided to speak up about it now simply because he can’t face the fact that the EPL had two finalists last year and could easily repeat that this season.

Now on top of that we have UEFA General Sec. David Taylor now speaking out with the idea that UEFA could refuse entry licenses to clubs that are in debt and that clubs must address debts or face the “ultimate sanction”. These threats come on the back of a study which has found that English clubs have a combined debt of approx £3bn with Liverpool, Chelsea and ManU accounting for £1bn of that total.

Ok, I do agree that some of his comments are true regarding the jeopardy clubs could be entering into by accumulating such debt but is it me, myself and I only who thinks that all these ideas are being bounced about in a deliberate attempt to surpress the top EPL clubs. Again I reflect back to clubs such as AC Milan, Inter, R.Madrid etc etc who during their years at the dizzying heights of European dominance were up to their eyes in debt. Take Real Madrid for example. They have been in debt by a huge amount for years and were still allowed to break world transfer records whenever they wished to in order to build their Galactico’s who UEFA were proud of and never once harped on about how they were going about their business or how “unfair” it was to the other clubs in Europe or in Spain.

UEFA really needs to get over the fact that the EPL is now the richest and best league in the world and will continue to expand and I hope dominate Europe for many years to come. So Mr Blatter and your new lap-dog Taylor – as Mr Souness would say – “go boil yer head”. One more point, I am sure you are wondering why David Taylor (with the English sounding name) might have issues with the EPL dominating – yes he is freakin SCOTTISH….


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  1. Dave says:

    Well it would only be a matter of time before Mr Platini of UEFA jumped on the bandwagon.

    Uefa president Michel Platini has launched a scathing attack on the influx of foreign owners in the Premier League over the last few years.

    He said: “If you bring people from Qatar and there is no-one from Liverpool or Manchester at the club, where is Liverpool or Manchester?

    “I think it is not good. I think the Qataris should invest in Qatar.

    “They should develop the football in each country. Can we do something against it? I will try to.”

    The former French playmaker also criticised English clubs for poaching underage players from abroad as he stressed the need to “control the transfer of minors”.

    “When you buy Ronaldo or Pele or Maradona or Robinho, I have no problem. But when you buy players at 13, 14 or 15 years, I don’t like that,” he said.

    “One player aged 11 is coming from Marseille to Chelsea. For the mother you think that is good?”

    The reason clubs are doing that is because if UEFA limit the number of foreign players one way of beatig that is to have them at your club for longer than 3 years – then they are not considered or counted within your squad as foreign.