Date: 6th October 2008 at 11:14am
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Okay, I was reading through the papers and came across an article saying that Andrei Arshavin is keen on a move to the Premiership and he would only move to one of the top four teams as he wants to play Champions League football. Now we can not just ignore this as we are one of the top four teams so maybe Andrei Arshavin would want to move to Liverpool?

But thinking of it now and thus the reason I have put together this post to hear your guys thoughts, do we need Arshavin at Liverpool? There is no doubting that he is a world class player and a player which literally any team would want to have but where would he fit in at Liverpool? One would think that he would play in the role Keane is currently playing now which would mean Keane would have to spend the rest of his time at Anfield on the bench as it would be Torres and Arshavin upfront. On paper, a Torres Arshavin partnership could be lethal but I feel Torres and Keane can just be as effective as we have seen so far this season. Mind you, Arshavin has never played in the Premiership before so he may not be able to adjust to the play in the Premiership and he could be another big money flop. And with a potential transfer fee of £24m, is that worth it?

What are your thoughts?


One response to “Andrei Arshavin at Liverpool?”

  1. Dave says:

    No, No no – this guy is a waste – he has hit a bit of form and it happended to be at the Euros’s so everybody saw him having a few good games. He has done the rounds saying that he wants to play here and he wants to play there and it all started at Barca who had a bit of sense and said no to the inflated price Zenit put on him. They are looking to cash in on him as they have got the best out of him and I think Arshavin himself is simply looking a move simply to make a bit of doh-reh-me. This guy is no sping chicken in the footballing world where 30-35 is considered old. he is 27 maybe 28 now.

    If he was really that good he would have been scouted out and snapped up along time ago. He was also Russian player of the year i think several times. I can’t believe he could have won this and not raised the attention of the top scouts in Europe. I would hazard a guess that they looked at him and passed him by. Let Spurs have him – they need him more than us.

    I also don;t think his style of play would suit Rafa. He seems to be a bit of a free spirit on the pitch where he is allowed to roam about – for me it’s a NO especially for a +20Mill price tag..