Date: 2nd October 2008 at 8:14am
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Once again Liverpool produced a commanding performance in Europe against the Dutch Champions PSV. It was a great night due to us witnessing landmark goals such as Gerrard’s 100th and Robbie Keane’s first goals for The Reds. This week also saw ManU move closer to qualification and also Arsenal routing Portuguese “giants” Porto with a performance that could have ended up embarrassing only for some poor finishing by the Gunners. A poor draw for Chelsea but I don’t think anybody is betting against them progressing from their group.

So once again this years CL in my opinion will see 4 EPL teams move into the knockout stages and beyond as many top pundits and officials at UEFA believe they are simply too strong and better financed than the other top European sides. We no longer hear Barca or Real Madrid or B.Munich being tipped every year for the European Cup and this seems to be causing a few ripples through what I beleive to be a very anti-English UEFA organisation.

As soon as the English clubs have came to dominate in Europe we immediately hear of plans being put in place that will make it a bit “fairer” for the other Euro clubs. I am sorry but where were these proposals when the European Cup was being dominated by the Spaniards and the Germans?. UEFA just loved the fact that that they got English Clubs banned due to Heysel as they were sick of Liverpool winning in Europe and new they would have won more European titles as the fact was they had a better team during their ban from the competition than some of the teams they won it with.

Why should english clubs be penalised to bail out Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German and other European poor footballing standards in the same fashion as the US tax payers are now faced with bailing out fat wallated US bankers who failed to see the shit heading towards the fan.

So Blatter and Platini, simply get over it and instead of making excuses for Roma, Juve, Barca, Real, B.Munich etc etc encourage them to get better in order to compete against the current top 4 in the EPL which in the long wrong will be benificial to UEFA in the long term instead of handicapping English clubs as it does not siut your biased agenda’s… – Dave out.




One response to “Invasion Of Europe – Here we Come Again !!”

  1. Ron says:

    I agree with you Dave, English teams are far the best right now in Europe and why take that away. I would much rather have Arsenal play in the Champions League than seeing the champions of Finland (no disrespect to them). We want to see the best teams play week in and week out. And if English teams are the best then let it be.