Date: 30th September 2008 at 8:42am
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Now that the season is up and running and we are doing well, I was thinking, what would the situation be like now if we had signed Gareth Barry in the summer? Looking at Alonso, he is playing very well right now and I do not think that Barry would have been playing better than Alonso is currently. I have not watched much of Villa this season so I am not sure what kind of form Barry is in but I would put money on the fact that Alonso is doing a better job for us that Barry is doing at Villa.

I was never a fan of Alonso leaving as I knew he was a world class player and one of the best passers of the ball in the league. Alonso has hardly put a foot wrong for us this season and I hope it continues that way and he stays injury free. On the other hand; if we had signed Barry, Rafa would not have gone out to get Riera. Thank you, Thank you Hicks and Gillet for not allowing the Barry deal to go through because we would have missed out on a great attacking option which Riera has bought to the team.

For the first time in years (since McManaman) we have a winger who is not affraid to beat defenders on the outside instead of cutting in. Riera has bought some excitement to the team and not only that, he looks like he actually is a good player. I will be the first to admit that I was hesitant about Riera when we signed him but he has shown to us what he is capable of. I just hope Rafa gives him a long run in the team so he can show us what he is really all about.

So for me, I am more than happy that we did not sign Barry as signing Barry would have most likely meant we missed out on Alonso and Riera.


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  1. Dave says:

    On earlier discussions I said that i thought Alonso was being punished for having one poor season and that Liverpool would be wrong in getting rid of him and that he deserved another chance and I am glad he is proving so far this season what a good player he is. However it may be true that nearly being sold may be the reason for his return to form as he is now trying to prove to Rafa as well that it was a bad idea. I never wanted Barry either. i still think it would have been great to keep Alonso and bought Riera for the left and Bentley for the right hand side if we would have had a but more cash to spend. I am sure Bentley is wondering why he ended up at Spurs…