Date: 27th September 2008 at 5:23pm
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How I wish I was on Merseyside tonight as we now have the bragging rights! It always feels good to get one over the Toffees and I firmly believe now after todays game that we have the best two teams on Merseyside as Shanks said, “Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves”. I seriously think that our reserve team could beat the Everton team that we played against today. The Everton defence was in 6’s and 7’s and no wonder they are conceding so many goals.

The first half was not great at all as neither teams failed to make much of an impression. The half time highlights package was very short as there really was not much to show. But the longer the second half went, I knew we just had to score as Everton have a poor defence this season. We were piling on the pressure and at times it looked like we were the home team with all the possession and attacking play we had. Finally the deadlock was broken by a well taken goal by Torres after Keane had whipped in a great cross. It was great to see the Keane-Torres combination actually getting a goal.

Then minutes later, Keane played a hand in Torres’ second goal and the Spaniard fired a true strikers goal to wrap up the 3 points. It is great to see Torres scoring again. You could just see how much confidence a player can have after scoring a goal. Hopefully this brace by Torres will now get him going for the season. Yet again Keane failed to score but you can see it is just a matter of time before he gets off the mark and I am sure that he will grow in confidence once that goal comes.

After missing out on 3 points last weekend against Stoke, it is good that we got another 3 points in what was going to be a tough away game. Now we just need to focus on PSV in midweek and then a trip to Manchester City next Sunday. I still feel we can play a lot better than what we showed today and that is really encouraging. We are virtually top of the table at this stage and yet we are not playing as well as we could be.

Congrats to the Reds and lets keep the results coming in and hopefully #19 is on the way!


5 responses to “Everton 0 – Liverpool 2”

  1. D says:

    I was pleased with the result obviously. Riera played so well in the first 15 and then went quiet. Torres was virtually shutdown the whole game except for that 10 minute rampage and Keane played well, something he hasn’t done in awhile. Is it just me or it our defense unbelievable? Even our midfield without Mascherano. I really think we should start Aurelio or even Agger instead of Arbeloa, who I think is utter shit. PSV next so 2-0 there as well. HOPEFULLY Keane-o does the honors

  2. Seth says:

    I agree on that note with Riera and Torres. However, I wish Babel was put in. He is so good!!!!!

    PSV Prediction: 1-0

  3. Dave says:

    The distance between the two clubs is small but the gap between the two clubs in quality is massive. Everton are really paying for selling Andy Johnston. Once Everton went 1-0 down how were they meant to get back into the game with only The Yak up front on his own. Now that Saha is fit they really need to play both of them together. But enough of their problems, I thought we were excellent, even in the first half as we kept the ball well and the passing/movement was good. The only thing missing was a cutting edge and I just new a goal would come if we kept playing the same way as the first half.

    This win was really needed after the draw with Stoke last week and The Gunners defeat on Saturday evening made it even better. Pity however the weekends biggest debates again falls on the officials. Cahill’s tackle was never a straight red and of course ManU get another penalty for a perfectly timed tackle on that Winker Ronny. Souness was 100% correct on Saturday night. If a referee can make such a bad decision from a perfect view 5 yards from where the offence happened then he is not good enough to be in charge of an EPL match. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Tom - Aus says:

    As Shankly once said “There are two great teams on Merseyside, Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves.”