Date:22nd September 2008 at 7:52am
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Once again as we have come to expect we have witnessed another fine performance by the men in black over the weekend. The standard of football and the EPL itself is being touted as the best league in the world but can somebody explain why we seem to have the worst officials.

A ref assistant and the main mad man in the middle somehow award a goal that wasn’t even on target never mind over the line, some other so called referee assistant rules out Gerrards 100th goal for Liverpool for some other unknown reasonĀ and then we see Mike Riley making a complete fool out of himself yesterday and had his yellow card out more times than Wayne Rooney’s wallet in a Manchester city centreĀ knocking shop.

It seems to me now that on many occasions it is not the performance of the players on the park that determine where the points are going to go but something that the managers can’t plan for, the performance of the officials. Some people say that this is all part of the game but sorry that’s bull. In todays cut-throat world that is management in the EPL i think they should come to expect their professional players to be appointed professional assistants. The ref who sent off JT got suspended from the EPL by the FA. Where are the guys going that gave this weeks goal that never was – down the salt mines in Siberia?.

It seems to me that the EPL needs a shake up and all the old guard refs that we are all sick of seeing making silly mistakes and ruining games need replaced by some fresh young blood who hopefully understand todays modern game. English refs could become a worldwide joke if they are not already after the so called “top” English ref didn’t know that 2 yellows equals red so gave out three instead.

Once again I will quote Shankly who understood this problem long before now and he said –

“The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they do not know the game”.