Date: 21st September 2008 at 4:23am
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Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I was unable to see the match today.

What I gather is that we dominated and yet failed to make our chances count, as is the story for us so many times over the past few seasons.  To be quite honest, it’s not acceptable with the level of talent we now have in our squad and on the pitch.

Gerrard’s freekick asided, we should be winning these matches 3-0 at least.



7 responses to “Liverpool 0 – Stoke 0”

  1. Ron says:

    I too missed the game but judging from the reports I have read this morning it sounds like we did everything but score! I still cant believe we failed to beat Stoke at home! It maybe a bit too early to panic but its games like this we just have to win if we want to be serious.

  2. LS says:

    most frustrating game ever. dossena played like crap, we couldn’t get crosses in properly and keane had two point black chances that he somehow missed. our offense needs major work if we are going to win the EPL. we haven’t scored more than 2 goals IN ANY GAME this season

  3. LS says:

    point BLANK not black

  4. Ashraf says:

    unfortunately i watched the match. I saw this coming though…lucky against Standard Liege, Lucky against Sunderland, Lucky against Middlesbrough and lucky against marseile. Our luck had to run out sooner or later.
    I wish stoke scored an early goal we probably whould have scored two if they had.

  5. Ashraf says:

    and we must be the worst corner takers in the league!!!

  6. jarrod says:

    yes we should beat teams like stoke, but there is no reason that the goal should have been disallowed, call me a bad loser, but until the day i die i will remain adament that the ref cost us the game

  7. Ron says:

    I will agree 100% with Ashraf about our corners. And it is just not been about this season. For a long time now, we simply have just not been effective at corners. We get a corner and we are no threat. I can not remember the last time we have scored from a corner. More work needs to be done at Melwood when it comes to corners.