Date: 10th September 2008 at 6:29am
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I guess I was not really surprised when Sir Alex Ferguson came out and said he thought the signing of Robbie Keane for 20m was the surprise transfer of the summer. He clearly does not believe Keane was worth that amount. As Robbie has now come out and said today, “Football is about opinions and everyone is entitled to their own.”

How many times in the past have we seen managers talk about players from other teams and those same players they talk ‘badly’ about come back to haunt them? We do not have to look too far; look at how Rafa bad talked Drogba last season before the second leg of the Champions League semi-final and then Drogba punished us! It is only natural for a player to react when another manager talks about them. Now Robbie has the perfect opportunity to show Ferguson who he is and I can bet you Robbie is going to get off the mark this Saturday and score the winner against Manchester United.


One response to “Show him Robbie!”

  1. Dave says:

    My thoughts exactly Ron – we all know that Sir Alex is blinkered like many of the race horses he owns and can’t see beyond his own purple whiskey inflicted hooter. This is proven by the statement (in case there is readers of this who missed it) that the money spent on Robbie Keane to date has been a waste as he hasn’t scored. I wonder if he has noticed his little Wayne Shrek Rooney running about like a blue arse fly and the fact that he couldn’t score in a brothel. Ok we all know he can but does it count, she was 85 ??