Date:10th September 2008 at 6:29am
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Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez says Steven Gerrard could be fit to face Manchester United on Saturday after missing England’s World Cup qualifiers this week.

This seems to contradict Gerrards own statement earlier in the week that there is no way he would be fit as he has only took part in one light training session to date since undergoing his surgery.  Of course Rafa’s statement has the Pro-International Fans/Hierarchy up in arms again regarding the top managers putting club football ahead of internationals burt this isn’t the first time we have seen this nor it won’t be the last. I can distinctly remember John Terry recently missing a mid-week England game and playing on Saturday for some team down in scummy London and he is the freakin captain !!.

The statement on Gerrards fitness follows the revelation that Torres may also be fit as the injury was not thought to be as serious as the first assessments suggested. I only hope that the managment and staff are not feeling desperate and rushing our two best players back too early. There is such a thing as losing the battle but winning the war but then again losing a battle against you know who is hard to swallow and by God we are the ones finding this out in my opinion on too many occasions. On a serious note however rushing Torres and Gerrard back could set them back even further which would have a serious impact over the coming months, not forgetting (as I am sure you haven’t) we visit The Ginger Whingers Everton on the 27th which is another must win…YNWA