Date: 9th September 2008 at 7:05am
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With the departure of KK from Newcastle we may now see a player revolt with many looking to leave due the shambles that is Ashley and Wise. One of the reasons for KK leaving was finding out that instead of offering M.Owen a new contract Ashley was in fact offering the striker to Spurs and Everton behind his back. It is now a possibility that Owen will now not sign a new contract knowing what Ashley and Nookie Bear were up to but only remain at The Toon until he is a free agent. The question is – is it worth courting Owen now for a return to Anfield to join Torres and Keane. Would this be worthwhile or would the mix not be right? But surely the chance to bringing him back for free (if he would return) would be a plus for the club as a whole especially with the lack of depth up front. Would three top strikers not be better than two, I mean to say, we even gave Robbie Fowler another go and he is finished so why not Owen – any thoughts ????


3 responses to “Owen & Torres”

  1. eagle says:

    If Owen want to return, I will welcome him. He is a good player, would give us more depth up front. He still sharp in the box though has lost his pace a bit. Bring Owen back.

  2. Ron says:

    I would certainly welcome him back but he must know he is 3rd in the pecking order behind Torres and Keane, therefore he should not cry when he does not play as often. But then again, he will probably be injured half the time anyway so it really wont make much of a difference. An Owen of the past and Torres upfront would have been amazing.

  3. Benjamin says:

    I love Owen, he was the player who brought me to football, but he simply would bring nothing to our team. Our problem is not being able to create width, chances, and goals. Owen needs service to be successful, and for the most part creates nothing for himself. Add that to his injury woes which can pop up at anytime and you have a player we cannot depend on to be healthy or to create those magical moments that we need. The goals Owen would score, would most likely have been scored anyway.
    We’re better off sticking with Ngog, or giving that spot to Nemeth eventually.