Date: 5th September 2008 at 7:51am
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I have been thinking long and hard about this question the whole week in-light of what has just happened at Manchester City. I look at Chelsea, not too long ago (maybe about 10 seasons ago) we were beating Chelsea 5-1 and Chelsea were very much a middle table team. But since they got some cash and spent big they won the title. Manchester United saw their dominance of the last couple of years being dented by Chelsea’s money so they to decided to spend big and they started to win again. Arsenal have not spent big over the last couple of years and as a result have not won anything in a while. As for ourselves, we have not spent as much as the others, could that be why we have not won the title in so long?

Now Manchester City have ‘all the money in the world’, they are going to spend big in January and next summer and then we will see if this theory of having a lot of money means you will win the title. Having lots of money gives you the ability to buy world class players and pay them huge salaries. But we all know that that tactic did not work out well for Real Madrid when they had their all-star team.

Now my thought it; with the lack of finances available currently at Liverpool, can we actually win the league without have the financial resources? Are the days of just having a ‘strong’ team and winning the league gone? Do you need millions to win?


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  1. Dave says:

    To be really honest I believe that Liverpool will have to play well above themselves to challenge for the title this year. The reality is you DO need to have serious financial backing to win the title. The problem we have is a serious lack of quality in depth which ManU and Chelsea and spent heavy on over the last 2-3 seasons. With all players fit we do have a decent starting eleven but this in my opinion is not good enough to challenge for a league title. If ManU are without Ronaldo, Rooney,Hargreaves and Carrick i still would not worry about them struggling to win matches. Same with Chelsea,if they are missing several top players they are replaced with equal quality. We are facing playing ManU this weekend without Gerrard and possibly Torres and due to this many Liverpool supporters including myself find it hard to see how we can win as we don’t believe that the replacements can perform to the same standard. What would happen if Torres and Keane where injured at the same time? Who plays up front? Ngog? who else is there which begs the question why Crouch was offloaded to Pompey.