Date: 2nd September 2008 at 8:52am
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I know it is Tuesday, I was not able to give my Monday thoughts as there was a lot of chaos trying to keep up to track with the last day of the transfer window. I was up right until midnight keeping a close eye on the activity. A lot took place yesterday and at the end of the day I was left rather hurt and dejected. I really hoped Berbatov would not go to Manchester United as I believe he is a great player and can only make Manchester United stronger. And then there was the drama of Robhino going to Manchester City. It looks like there is a new Chelsea in town now that the Arabs have taken over Manchester City. One can only imagine what they would have done if they still had another week to play in the transfer market. I understand that they also made a bid for David Villa yesterday which was turned down.

Now I firmly believe that if we are to move to the next level here at Liverpool we need money! And the only way it looks like we can get money very quickly is if the guys from Dubai take over the club. Looking at what happened at Manchester City yesterday, you can only imagine what kind of players we would be able to bring to Liverpool with the right funding. Manchester City have just shown Chelsea that “We are the new big spenders!” Roman must be fuming now that he is being challenged. To rub salt into the wounds, Manchester City got Robhino who was meant to be signing for Chelsea.

I have thought that there should be nothing to fear about Manchester City and that they will not threat breaking into the top four. They may not do it this season but next season they will certainly be pushing now that they have the financial resources. Which means that we have to make a plan now before it is too late or else Manchester City will be knocking on the top four door. We saw it with Chelsea that if you have the money you can win things. The game today is all about money and if you do not have it, you will not be successful.

Our American owners said they had the money when they took over the team but we have not seen much of it bar signing Torres, Babel, Mascherano and Keane. Yes, those have been good signings but in order to beat the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea we need to be signing big and getting world class names. We need to be signing the likes of Dani Alves, David Villa, David Silva or even the Kaka’s of this world.


One response to “It is time for Dubai to takeover”

  1. DimitarMateev says:

    About the post of Ron.
    You are all wrong. Money is important part, but not the most important. Rafa is a great coach he finely get good players and going forward. So we may need smoe more players for the rotations bun we don’t need big names. Look Man Utd they make small players become big. We can do this too. Big names are born in big clubs. You think if Steve G is playing for other club, he will play the same. I don’t thing so … At that moment we don’t need any changes! We are going to win Premier League and not only for this season.