Date:1st September 2008 at 5:19am
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Yesterday’s performance was nothing short of embarrassing. I have never seen Liverpool play like that ever. Total negativity going forward, no creativity in midfield. Alonso trying to score from his own half with the goalie standing on his line which unbelievably was technically our only shot on target in 90mins of gut renching, vile and horrible nothingness. The only people I felt more sorry for than us in the pub watching was those who actaully had to pay in to the ground to watch it.

Rafa’s tactics from the start showed what was in store. Playing Alonso, Masher and Lucas together with Keane pulling back on a left hand side position meant practically a 5 man midfield with Torres playing up front on his own. Liverpool started very brightly and kept the ball for the first few minutes of the match and I thought ok, not bad maybe this is going to work after all then slowly but surely that passing got worse, starved for width AGAIN and when the full backs do get forward the delivery is crap.

I do not know what is wrong behind the scenes and how we are still unbeaten is beyond me but it needs sorted and quick before the wheels really come off against Utd on the 13th Sep.

The defensive side of our team is great and is hard to break down and score against but a great defense is only the launching platform for the rest of the side. No sense keeping clean sheets if nothing is being put in the other net and with Torres injured that doesn’t look too promising.