Date:28th August 2008 at 6:17am
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Last night I had the pleasure of watching the match at home. Now for me thats strange as I normally go to the pub because I have come to learn that lately I cannot watch Liverpool without losing the head every 15 minutes and shouting at the telly using words I will not publish in this post and that my 16month and 3 year old daughters can do without hearing. This is why I go out. Unfortunately I only got home from work just before kick off so as I have said I sat down in my sitting room with the youngest sleeping in her cot beside me and my eldest playing contently on the floor. As you can probably tell this picture of contentment did not last for long. Soon the baby was awake and the eldest was asking her Mum what certain words meant. It was two minutes later that I had the room to myself. Feeling a bit ashamed I calmed down and decided to bite my lip in fear of having to sleep on the sofa for the night (as if). My lips now look like balloons as I sank my teeth into them minute after dreadful minute. As the match neared the end of the second half I had a really bad feeling that we were going to concede and go out. I just could not see where a goal was coming from, but once again as Rafa would say – “you gotta have faith”. Can somebody please ensure me that Kuyt is not Rafa’s secret love-child. Any other manager in the world would have had him off – he was having a complete nightmare and when Babel came on it was worse. Can anybody tell me what position he was playin?. He run about on the left, he run about on the right, in the middle, around in circles, he had me dizzy. Between the two of them they must have gave the ball away every two minutes which isn’t suprising as they both own the touch of a rampaging elephant or else feet made of steel. Babel couldn’t go outside to fetch the paper never mind beat a defender. I thought both of them were going to lose us the match. So into extra time we went, penalty claim came and for some reason only the ref knows it went. My two Dutch friends give the ball away another 10 times each but heh “You Gotta Have Faith”. Suddenly Babel picks the ball up on the left and for once beats a defender on the outside (for anybody who didn’t see the match, I swear he did ask anybody). He makes a run to the byline and has time to cross and what happens, he disguises the cross and pulls the back on to his right foot. Well this was too much for me, I went crazy and could hold it no longer and once again screamed at the telly. Those screams of anguish and frustration were still rebounding off the walls when he whipped in a deep cross to the back post for the worst player on the night to sneakaround the back of Dante and prod the ball home to put Liverpool into the group stages. I am sure after last nights performance all the other teams are crapping themselves – I fear not. Rafa was asked before that match what need improving and he replied “everything”. Well Rafa it still does. We are happy with the results but it could be oh so easy to be sitting here bottom of the EPL and out of Europe.