Date: 26th August 2008 at 10:08pm
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Addressing the issue of wide players yet again (let’s snag one or two already), I think it’s worth pointing out a few things.

First of all, Kuyt possesses a solid attacking sense for us regardless of where he plays. What he doesn’t have is the ability to create for himself. He thrives off chaos on the pitch, whether it be a deflected pass or an overstretched defensive line. Regardless of what it is, if you give him just a moment he can be exactly what need from time to time.

Thnk about his goals against Inter, Arsenal, and Chelsea last season in the CL. Each time the ball worked it’s way over from the left and he found a little room moving in behind the defense. He is a suitable player running in from behind as a supporting winger from the other side. I”d even say it fits him well when you put it together with his work rate and ability to defend from the front.

Our problem is we simply don’t attack down the left flank. It allows the defense to remain much more stationary and to save energy for the latter stages of matches. Every time Kuyt finds himself with the ball it’s with a defender already stationed right in front of him.

My point mostly is that whether Riera turns into Gonzalez or a world class winger, just his presence will be enough to squeeze some more goals out of our attack. Even Riise would have been a welcome addition at this time just so we actually use the entire pitch. We have gobs of talent in the center of the park, but we’re going to have to work those edges and pull apart defenses rather than attempt to batter them down (although Carra did superbly with that).

So I’ll take just about anyone at this point, it beats not having a left sided attack at all.

Also, I would be remiss not to congratulate Jamie on his equalizer. Deflection or not, that was a well struck ball from a position he got himself into because he knew the club needed every possible body up front. Excellent job and what wonderful desire to collect all three points.

Great goal.


9 responses to “Right? I’d like you to meet Left”

  1. burt says:

    Kuyt?……..As a second striker he links the play exellently and works his goldie locks off. Not a natural goal scorer though and if you watch his technique when he shoots he telegraphs it. Great strikers have little backlift, this guy looks like his trying to crack a block of ice. Even when Kuyt takes this mighty swing the ball trickles of his foot. Unfortnately never gonna make the grade.

  2. Ron says:

    There is no doubting Kuyt’s work rate, it is first rate. Kuyt came to Liverpool off the back of being known as a goal scoring striker. He bagged a lot of goals in his time in Holland and he was signed by us as a goal scorer. Well he has not achieved a bag full of goals for us and I guess Rafa has decided to better use him out wide. I recall Torres saying he would not have had as many goals as he scored last season if Kuyt was not putting in all the work he did. Kuyt adds some value to our team and I will agree with Ben there. And I also agree that we need anyone right now to roam down the left.

  3. Benjamin says:

    I was not suggesting Kuyt as a long term solution, simply saying that for now we should forget the right side if necessary and supply a left sided player.
    Wingers aren’t the cheapest proposition in the world and Kuyt on the right is better than Benayoun on the left as at least Kuyt stays in his position to make a token attempt at keeping the defense wide.
    He won’t stay there for too long for us but let’s not knock what he brings while he’s on the field. I’d be one of the first ones to toss him aside for a wide playmaking winger, but the left is far more of a pressing matter.

  4. burt says:

    wouldn’t you rather see pennant than kuyt? he hsnt bagged inda league since november 07?

  5. Benjamin says:

    Pennant is just as wasteful with possession and brings none of the other intangibles to the table. Pennant belongs on the scrap heap for some Championship side. Or Everton.

  6. Tom - Aus says:

    I’d have to agree that Pennant does belong somewhere other than at Anfield taking up time and blog space. I have to say i admire Kuyt. No matter who we play or what competition it’s in, he will always put in and somehow (if only once or twice a match) create an opportunity. He adapted well last year playing second fiddle to Torres and i think with Keane now alongside the number 9, Kuyt will be able to feed more and more balls in, hopefully creting more and more goals.

  7. Steve,Co Cork Ireland says:

    Has anyone got any comments on Damien Plessis????

    His name is not on the right of the page….. why not? He is a first team player!!

    I think he could be used alot more now a days and i would defo pick him over Lucas…. I have got no time for the young brazilian.

  8. Tom - Aus says:

    Did you watch the Olympics at all Steve?
    And did you see the games Plessis has played for us?

  9. Ron says:

    I would have to disagree with Steve about Lucas. Lucas is a fantastic player and much better than Plessis. Plessis is a good player and his time will come. We are so blessed in central midfield. WE GOT THE BEST MIDFIELD IN THE WORLD!