Date: 26th August 2008 at 6:19am
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Ummm, its a hard call after the weekend to either shut up and be happy that we are only one of two teams with maximum points after the opening two games of the season or get on the soap box and have a rant and a rave about how lucky we are to have them so I think I will settle for somewhere in between. No one will disagree that the are teams below us who have played a lot better than we have but have not turned that into points. Now don’t for one minute think that I feel sorry for them because as I have pointed out to the many not so happy ManU and Gunners fans, how many times last season did we play teams of the park and not turn our possession/ shots on and off target into 3 points instead of 1 point. A lot of that last season was down to pure bad luck, so who knows maybe the law of averages is tilted in our favour at the minute. However as good as that is we cannot rely on it but more just call on it every now and again. What we need is goals and we need them quick. I know we need to have faith with the new striking partnership up front but without Rafa realising that Liverpool have no width to their play we will find them hard to get. Even the dogs on the street can see that everything is being played directly towards the box and nobody is even trying to flank the defense. For example two goals ManU have scored for their 4points, both by Fletcher how, firstly Giggs and last night Evra overlapping on the left, near post cross, near post run = two goals. Now you don’t have to be John Motson to know that Torres and Keane are better in the box than The Fletch who is an average player in a good team so I just feel that our guys up front are being denied more goal scoring opportunities because of the current narrow tactics. I just hope this style of play is not Rafa digging in his heals like he did about persisting to play Gerrard on the right when even Stevie Wonder could see he was better and more influential in a central position. Out questions could be answered this week due to the fact that every winger in Europe is apparantly on the way to Anfield but if this is not addressed i could see this being another very fustrating season with a lot of draws at home which in the end scuppered out title credentials last season. It could be worse, I might have been a Spurs fan….


3 responses to “6 Of The Worst”

  1. Ron says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better Dave,these have been an ‘ugly’ 6 points but we have them. There is no doubt we need a winger and as each day gets closer to the 31st of August I get more and more worried that we are going to end up panic buying and not get a quality winger. Reading the papers this morning it looks like Riera is the front runner, boy I hope this guy is good.

  2. Benjamin says:

    I don’t think it’s so much of a narrow tactic as we don’t have any wide players of any quality. Those who do possess the ability prefer to play elsewhere, see Gerrard, Steve and Benayoun, Yossi.

    We definately need wide players, but where are they going to come from? That is the question.