Date: 21st August 2008 at 1:10am
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I was curious as to how interested people would be in occasional Reserve team updates.  I’m not sure exactly to what depth as far as game recaps and such, but just a nod here and again.

I suppose it could also be contained in the forums for those that wish to check in on our second string.

Your thoughts?


7 responses to “Liverpool Reserves”

  1. Dave - N.Ireland says:

    I wouldn’t mind knowing what is going on in the reserves every now and again. Being from across the water in N.Ireland it’s an unknown aspect of the club. it would be great to know of the players doing well and pshing for a first team spot.

  2. Tom - Aus says:

    Hi everyone, I’m clearly new to the website but have been reading the posts for a couple of weeks now just to get the feel of the blog. I have to say that i love wat you guys have done with the blog and its exactly what the fans need in more of a international sense where we can all come together and share our opinions.
    Enough asskissing for now.
    I would personally like to hear a little bit here and there of what is going on within the ranks of the LFC as we could have a few more Gerrard’s and Owen’s coming up and to share their youthful successes would be good.
    Once again thanks for the site and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in future

    • Dave - N.Ireland says:

      Good morning Tom – nice to hear from you. I thought you would be barred from joining any Brit websites saying we are currently giving you a spanking regarding Gold medals at the Olympics. Is it really being taken so bad as the media is reporting – lol.

    • Ron says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback Tom. The aim is to make Our Kop the biggest international home for Liverpool Fans. We have Benjamin from the USA, I am in South Africa and as Dave mentioned he is up in N. Ireland. With support like this, we are certainly on course.

  3. kurt-New Guinea says:

    Personally, i think the site is great and more info on reserves seems a bit superfluous. i think the coverage for the reserves should be intense only if one of the reserves is catching your eye. just my two cents

  4. Tom - Aus says:

    Thanks guys,
    Haha is the media exploding our disappointment? Well for some reason our main Olympic broadcaster seem more focussed on Phelps and the American accomplishments, (along with Usain Bolt of course) than our own seemingly failings. However I am personally a hockey player so my hopes are still alive, haha, yes i am ever the optimist.
    I’d have to agree with Kurt in relation to the reserves. I was just doing some reading up on the “up-and-comers” and am really interested in Krisztian Nemeth and seeing his progress and eventual debut into the first team.

  5. Benjamin says:

    If you think your Michael Phelps coverage is rough you need to be over here in America. His face is absolutely everywhere to the point that I think I’m going insane.

    That said, thanks for the feedback. I plan on watching most of the reserve matches on the e-ticket, so if I see anyone worth mentioning I’ll put it up.

    Thanks for the general feedback as well. We’re both always very glad for new comments and perspectives. I generally write to see what you all have to say on a particular topic, so the more the merrier. I hope you keep enjoying it, as we enjoy doing it.

    Have a nice day everyone.