Date:21st August 2008 at 7:27pm
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Now that the transfer window is about to close, the transfer rumour mill is working 24/7. Players from all across the world are being linked with top clubs and todays reports suggest that Portugal winger, Ricardo Quaresma could be a possible target for Rafa. Now this is not the first time Quaresma has been linked with a move to Liverpool and I certainly do not think it will be the last time. There is no doubting Quaresma’s great ability and personally, I would love for Quaresma to come to Anfield and roam down our left wing. I know it is wrong to use the term ‘the last piece of the puzzle’ but if Quaresma were to join Liverpool, the puzzle for our quest for the Championship would be near complete.

Now I may just be getting my hopes high and there may not be any truth in these rumours but you never know. It is also thought that Inter Milan are lining up a bid for Quaresma. Now if Quaresma were to choose between Inter and Liverpool, where would he go? My money would probably be on him going to Inter because Jose Mourinho would convince him that his future is with him. But on the other hand, the lure of playing in the Premiership could be enough to see Quaresma at Liverpool.

The next question would be; how much would Quaresma cost? Now Quaresma is still only 24 years old so the board can not use the Barry excuse that he is old. At 24, they should be prepared to spend quite a bit of money. And correct me if I am wrong, they have told Rafa that they do have money to spend on a new player only if they think the player is worth it. Now let us say Porto slap a £20m price on Quaresma, in theory we should be able to afford that. But then again the question remains; how much do Porto value the player at? Some reports suggest Porto want £31.7million for Quaresma. Now that is way out of our price range!

Let’s wait and see how this one unfolds. It may just blow over and nothing will happen or we could be seeing Quarsema coming for a medical next week. Just thinking of Quaresma down our left wing attacking The Kop brings a huge smile to my face.