Date: 20th August 2008 at 8:05am
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There was certainly no love lost last night in the semi-finals of the Olympics when Brazil took on Argentina. As a game, it was always going to be a show piece, is it not always when these two great South American nations go at it on the field? Now before the game, Rafa was happy that either Lucas or Mascherano were going to return to Anfield and one of them was going to play in the Final. Now what many did not expect was that Lucas was going to get sent off for a challenge on Liverpool team mate Javier Mascherano!

This incident just went to show how much passion there is between the two nations and any ‘love’ the players may have for each other at club level goes out the window. At first I was shocked when I saw Lucas put in such a tackle on Mascherano. I said, “That is your own team mate for crying out loud!” But then I realised that meant nothing on the international stage. Brazil were frustrated at loosing 3 – 0 and were now taking out their frustrations on the Argentines. I am sure if Rafa was watching that match he would have been fuming like I was because Lucas’ challenge on Mascherano could have resulted in a serious injury for the Argentine. And that was not the end of it; Brazil got another red card before the game was over and it was Mascherano again who was tackled! And yet again it was a tackle that could have injured Javier!

I am sure that there is no bad blood between Lucas and Mascherano (well at least I hope not) and that when both players return to Melwood, things will be okay between the two of them. They are two great players with a lot of fight in them and as the professionals they are they will now focus on success for Liverpool.


7 responses to “Lucas Vs Mascherano”

  1. Scot says:

    Great to see the fight between the two. If they can bring that level of commitment to Anfield this season we will do well. Would love to see more of Masch and Lucas playing together in our midfield. That could be one lethal midfield. Barry who when we have Lucas!!!

  2. clogga says:

    You cant blame Lucas for what did even if he injured Mascherano. That is what the game is all about!

  3. Dave - N.Ireland says:

    I don’t agree with the comments that you can’t blame Lucas for what he did and i don;t know how it shows some sort of commitment. Surely commitment is staying on the oitch to help your team and country to the end, and if beat take it on the chin. I thought these guys are called”professional” footballers, well they get paid enough to be. What Lucas did i thought was totally un-professional especially when it was on one of his team-mates at club level although tackles like that should not be seen at all (ok, maybe reserved for Gary Neville)

    I am a defender myself and like nothing more than hard tackles as long as they are an genuine attempt to play the ball. That tackle last night received exactly what it deserved an early bath. I wonder if your comments would be the same if he had put Masher out for 3 to 4 months. I am sure Rafa’s wiould have been as well.

  4. Ron says:

    I agree with you Dave, it was reckless and deserved a red card. Thank goodness Masch did not get injured. I do not think Rafa would have forgiven Lucas if that happened.

  5. Dave - N.Ireland says:

    Thanks Ron but on a lighter note for all to enjoy I have a little poem for you Ben and all my brothers at ourKop.

    Keep Everton out of “our” City

    The 2nd best team in Liverpool,
    have asked for a brand new pad.
    They even wanted to share with us,
    they must think we are mad

    Imagine “our friend” the ginger whinger,
    walking uninvited thru Shankley’s Gates.
    Bill said he wouldn’t watch them in his garden,
    so why join with the team he hates.

    So where shall we send them?
    Our Toffee munching friends.
    Yes, the best place for them, Kirkby
    where the city’s boundary ends.

    So what will be at this stadium?
    I hear it’s a Tesco Store,
    Well they do say “every little helps”
    especially when you can’t bloody score.

    So farewell to good old Goodison,
    I am sure you will be missed.
    But the day you play at Kirkby,
    I’m in the city getting pissed.


  6. I didn’t watch the match yesterday or any repeat telecast but I’m sure Lucas didn’t meant to hurt Mascherano. It’s just the commitment and expectation were so high to land an Olympic’s gold medal has driven everyone to the limit.

    Rafa would welcome back Lucas as he set to miss the 3rd placing match against Belgium. Javier is a tough player, how many time that you remember he’s sidelined with injuries during Premier League season?


  7. Benjamin says:

    While I agree that I don’t think we can get too bent out of shape about Lucas, I also agree that had anything happened to Mascherano that may have been curtains for the young Brazilian. Hopefully both of them do return to Melwood with it behind them and ready to show that level of drive for Liverpool.

    Dave, excellent poem. The garden quote is one of my favorites of all time, and I certainly hope that they enjoy shopping at their Tesco and sweeping up and down the aisles while we’re busy polishing our European Cups. Good luck to our little brothers across the park! Good luck staying up with that thin squad that is. Here’s to Everton in the Championship in 2009. =P