Date: 12th August 2008 at 7:12am
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The transfer rumour mill is at it again as we edge closer to the start of the new season and as the transfer window closes on the 31st of August. According to reports, Chelsea’s Joe Cole could be Rafa’s next signing. Whether you believe this or not, it is anyones guess. When Rafa came out and said, “Maybe he can play in three different positions – that is a positive thing. I am talking about one player, but I won’t say the name ” and that the player was also English. We all thought Rafa was talking about Gareth Barry but Joe Cole easily fits into that description. Joe Cole can play 3 positions comfortably: left midfield, right midfield and a central attacking role.

It is thought that Joe Cole has fallen out of favour with new Chelsea boss, Phil Scolari and maybe Scolari is going to offload Joe Cole. Personally, I would welcome the arrival of Joe Cole to Anfield and I think it could be a better signing than Gareth Barry considering Alonso is still staying. How much Cole would cost remains to be seen but if the American owners were worried about Barry being to old and having no sell on value then they can not use that same excuse for Cole as he is still 26 years old.

Yesterday, I talked about Liverpool needing one or two more players and a signing like Joe Cole would be a step in the right direction. Cole would give us some width which will be of great value to the team. Cole has pace and a bag of tricks which we have not seen at Anfield in a while. The fact that he is English and has played in the Premiership all his life bodes well as he will not ‘have to adjust to the pace of the English game’.

I guess we no just have to wait and see if this move is infact a reality. Chelsea have to make the first move and say that they are willing to sell Joe Cole and Cole himself has to say he wants to leave Chelsea. Once that happens we could see Joe Cole in the number 11 shirt at Liverpool soon.


7 responses to “Joe Cole to Liverpool?”

  1. travis says:

    This is the best news i have heard all summer. If thi signing happens i think they can start engraving our name on that premier league trophey!

  2. kopite says:

    Joe Cole down the left, Stevie G on the right, Keane – Torres upfront, Alonso and Mascherano in the middle, that is a world class team right there.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Oddly enough, Joe Cole is one of the few players from Chelski that doesn’t make me sick. I could handle having Essien also, he makes me sick, but I think I’d get over it. But this would be excellent news.

  4. drew says:

    wow, please tell me this is true……….

  5. Darren T. says:

    Wat a great player 2 sign! he’s the englishman brazilian and he had great record scoring againts us n i hope if we’ve signed him, he cud haunt Manure, Chelshit n even ARSE-anal. I hope Rafa wud consistenly field Penno n Babel on the right wing. This is the greatest line-up so far i hope 2 be used in Rafa’s tactic.

  6. Chris Burke says:

    Bring him on! When was the last time we had a player who could do ‘step-overs’ at Liverpool? JC will def get the Kop buzzing with his tricks and he has the finish to go with it. Forget about Barry and lets go for Cole.