Date:4th August 2008 at 6:42am
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Reports this morning are suggesting that Arsene Wenger would be interested in signing Xabi Alonso but only if Liverpool lower the £18m valuation to £10.5m. Now I have two issues about this, firstly, why should Liverpool lower the valuation of Alonso to £10.5m? That is daylight robbery! Alonso is not worth £10.5m, he is much better than that. In fact way better. If we are going to sign Barry for £18m then Alonso should be in the same price range. I do not see Rafa agreeing to let Alonso go on the cheap. I guess Arsenal are just trying their luck. If they were serious about wanting to sign Alonso they would come in the an acceptable offer.

My second concern is that; should we be selling such a good player to one of our championship rivals? I think we should not. It is that same Heinze situation when he wanted to leave Manchester United and come to Liverpool. I do not think you will see many transfers happening with players leaving one of the top four to go to another top four team. I will be honest and say that a Fabregas – Alonso partnership at Arsenal could be quite lethal and we should be all means not allow for such a partnership to form.

I think we should just wait for a decent offer for Alonso and hope that it is a team outside England or a team not in the top four. We should not settle for anything less than £15m (at the lowest) for Alonso. It is funny, I remember in 2005/2006 when Real Madrid were keen on signing Alonso as he was arguably one of the best passers of the ball in Europe at that time. Now it seems like we struggling to find a buyer for him. I guess this goes to show how much his form has dropped since his first days of joining Liverpool. There is also still the added possibility that Alonso will stay at Liverpool even if Barry signs this week. It will be a midfield filled with competition and Rafa will have his work cut out trying to field Gerrard, Mascherano, Barry, Alonso and Lucas.