Date: 31st July 2008 at 6:43pm
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Spain v Italy - Euro 2008 Quarter Final

I have been thinking today about the serious possibility of David Silva joining Liverpool this summer. Many of you may think that I am barking up the wrong tree and that there is no way we can sign Silva. But look at it this way; Valencia for one are in financial trouble and need to sell their top players to get some cash. Their most prized assets would be David Villa and David Silva. They may sell one or sell both, but I certainly see one of them leaving this summer.

So now that the Barry deal looks over, Rafa has to look elsewhere for a new player. I do not think Rafa will just ignore the failure of signing Barry and this would be the end of his transfer spending. I think we are still a player or two short of being a Championship winning team. And a player such as Silva would bring us that step closer. What I like about Silva is that he is not an out and out winger like David Bentley. Silva has much more skill than Bentley and can suite very well into the formations and tactics Rafa likes to use. Added to that note, Silva is Spanish after all and would have no problem settling into the team. Maybe settling into life in Liverpool may be a bit difficult as Arbeloa is reported to seeing but if he fits in half as well as Torres has done, we will be very lucky.

But on the field where it matters the most, I would love to see an attacking trio of Torres, Keane and Silva. For me that is a trio capable of pushing us all the way to Premiership success. With that trio, you still have the likes of Babel and Kuyt to back them up; two full Dutch internationals on stand by. That is the kind of depth needed to win the Premiership.

If I were Rafa, I would now seriously starting focusing all attention on trying to sign his fellow country man and make that final push to getting us a team and squad capable of bringing home the Premiership title.


4 responses to “What if David Silva were to join Liverpool?”

  1. Benjamin says:

    I’d be cool with Silva being in the squad without a doubt. I think a player of his ability will fit in just fine on the pitch, and as for off it, it’d be up to the other Spanish lads to take care of him, as well as those in the training staff. It’s not like we don’t have a busload of them.

  2. paul says:

    man, i hav 2 agree with u. in rafa we trust but surely he shld b trying harder to sign this young man. 22 or 23 i think n if i heard correctly he is valued at more or less the same price that barry was n trust me he brings alot mo 2 thae table than gareth eva wld.creativity & flair sumthing that the team cld do with.

  3. Omzz says:

    I agree with what was written above. Silva is a dynamic player, he is very good on the ball, his passes are good, he has good speed, and in addition to all that he has a great left foot!

    Barry is a solid player that we would benefit from, but Silva is younger and in my opinion can add something new to the team. Alonso is in excellent form; I think all this talk about Barry has really pushed Alonso to raise his game.

    We need wingers, out and out wingers, not forwards made to play in wide areas( Kuyt, Babel). Barry would be played on the left if needed, but he is a central midfielder originally.

    I really hope Rafa signs Silva; Kean and Silva would be considered excellent work in the transfer market!