Date: 29th July 2008 at 3:02pm
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Chelsea & Liverpool Training & Press Conference

I have come across very few managers in all my years of watching soccer who conduct themselves in interviews like Rafa does. I will not forget the interview he had when there were problems with the owners and he was just saying, “My job is to coach the team.” I think ever since that time, we have all wondered what next can Rafa say in his interviews.

I was listening to his interview today after the signing of Robbie Keane and yet again, he was not answering questions directly. You have to just love Rafa for the way he seems to dodge a question and come up with an answer no one was expecting. Pretty crafty I would say. Today he was asked, “The media is speculating that the Gareth Barry deal is dead. Is that true?” Rafa answered, “I think that today we need to enjoy being able to welcome Robbie Keane here. So we will try to enjoy today.” Then he was asked, “Is the Barry deal something that might happen?” Rafa’s response, “Keane is here and I am happy.”

You can not seem to get a straight answer out of Rafa!


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