Date: 29th July 2008 at 6:16am
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That seems to be the order of operations over at White Hart Lane these days.

After reading the quotes from Daniel Levy about how the Keane deal “wasn’t a transfer deal” and that we had forced them to sell against their will lead me to a few thoughts:

  1. Keep your finances in order – Let’s assume for a second you didn’t blow 16.5 million on Darren Bent and various other stinker deals. Now we’re looking at a team that doesn’t need to sell players to balance their books quite so desperately.
  2. Get some results on the pitch – Instead of sacking your manager and buying worthless players, how about contemplating getting it together to push at least into the UEFA Cup via the Premeirship and not relying on a Carling Cup run. You’re telling me that with their squad last season they couldn’t achieve a better league place? What that tells me is that there weren’t enough players there interested in putting it all together over an extended period of time. Anyone can get lucky in a cup competition like the league cup, but real quality is shown in the league. (Burnley anyone?) Anyhow, the point is the fact that the Carling Cup isn’t the Champions League, it’s not even the FA Cup. There’s a reason none of the top sides put out a full strength squad for the majority of the competition.
  3. Have some balls – If you’re that concerned about us forcing your players to our club, how about you try a novel approach and tell us no? If you don’t need the cash, tell us just where to take our 19 million and what to stick it in. The fact that he is our player and our moneybags are currently flooding into your bank accounts tells me that in fact you did want to sell the player. I’m not stupid, and neither are your supporters. Have you heard of Cristiano Ronaldo? I’m pretty sure you have, and where did he go this summer? Oh that’s right…… back to Old Trafford.

Anyhow I just found myself angered by the idiotic comments Tottenham have been spewing forth, and hope that Daniel Levy never wins another trophy. I don’t believe in behaving like a child, even if you do have millions of pounds floating about. Grow up and accept the fact that your running of the club has led you to sell your captain “against your will”.

It certainly wasn’t against your bottom line.


2 responses to “Piss, Moan, Repeat”

  1. Ron says:

    I couldn’t agree more Ben. I was actually reading today that it cold be possible that we signed Keane for as little as 13m and that Levy has asked us not to disclose that as he fears the Spurs fans would be pissed of with him.
    For the team Spurs had last season, they should have done much better than they did. Watch Berbatov also leave now and then they really will be screwed.

  2. Benjamin says:

    I think Levy actually says somewhere specifically how much they got (19m), and I thought it odd because I never see the chairman of a club come out and brag about a fee received. Why did he feel the need to throw that in the reporter’s face? If it’s true what you’re saying, then booya. Right in the old kisser to Spurs suits me fine.