Date: 28th July 2008 at 8:15pm
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It may be a bit too early but we certainly need to come up with a song for our new signing. I am sure Robbie is going to bag a couple of goals for us and how great it would be to have a song for him belted around Anfield. It would be so easy to just go with the ‘There’s only one Keano’ song that was heard at Old Trafford during the Roy Keane days but there is no way we can sing the enemies song.

Please feel free to leave you suggestions. I have come across two potentials already:
Robbie Keane
Robbie Keane
Robbie Keane
Oh Robbie Keane
Liverpool number 7
Robbie Keane

To the tune of “Let it be”

and then:
God save our gracious Keane
Long live our noble Keane
God save our Keane
Make us victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to score goals for us
God save our Keane

I am not too sure how this one would go down, especially since Robbie is Irish and not English and it just would not feel right singing the English national anthem tune for a player. It was kind of good tho.


35 responses to “Kop chants for Robbie Keane”

  1. Hugh says:

    No matter what we come up with, I think, “His armband proved he was a red”, will still be top of the charts this coming season.

  2. Benjamin says:

    As long as we’re signing I’m happy, as that’s a good sign.

  3. Benjamin says:

    As long as we’re singing I’m happy, as that’s a good sign.

  4. Dave - N.Ireland says:

    How About to the tune of Molly Malone which Keano would now well coming from South Of Ireland.

    In Liverpools Fair City
    Where the girls are so pretty
    we first set our eyes on Robbie Keane
    He one played for the Spurs
    but who da F@@k cares
    now his career is alive is alive
    alive o


    Alive, alive ooo
    alive, alive ooo
    singing his careers
    now alive, alive, alive oooo.

  5. ladfromthelane says:

    Here’s the next KEANE song…

    (tune to strawberry fields)

    “You can’t take him down if you wanted to…
    Robbie Keane..
    Scores for the team…
    This Irishman won’t mess about…
    Robbie Keane Forever..”

    definite KOP song..

  6. Dave - N.Ireland says:

    Sorry the fourth line is meant to say “he ONCE played for Spurs” lol – and he would also “know” the song not now it -sorry but it’s very early in the morning. YNWA

  7. Dave - N.Ireland says:

    Very good lad – I think we have two winners here !!! lol.

  8. Benjamin says:

    I liked them myself, but what I really enjoyed was my double post.

    Mmm mmm good.

  9. Dave - N.Ireland says:

    Another few for the collection –

    To the tune of Steve Gerrard – Gerrard

    Robbie Keane Keane
    He’s an Irish Goal machine
    Number 7 in our team
    Robbie Keane Keane

    Robbie Keane Keane
    He’s wearing Harry’s shirt
    let’s hope he isn’t hurt
    Robbie Keane Keane.

    • Ron says:

      I like that one Dave. Could rather get confusing if we were to sing it in the Kop. Robbie and Stevie would not know who we are singing to.

  10. ladfromthelane says:


    (tune to strawberry fields)

    You can’t take him down if you wanted to,
    Robbie Keane,
    Plays like a dream,
    Defenders don’t know how to act,
    Robbie Keane forever

  11. Benjamin says:

    I like that last one, I’m a big fan of Strawberry Fields.

  12. Ryan says:

    My 3 favorites are the “let it be” one, the latest “strawberry fields” by ladfromthelane, but after watching this vid, and hearing the backup, I can really see anfield singing the “molly malone” version, although it can be cleaned up abit, such as the profanity… and the singing his careers phrase

    • Dave - N.Ireland says:

      Ok then as i have copyright I believe the first chance to change it should be mine – lol.

      In Liverpools Fair City
      Where the girls are so pretty
      we first set our eyes on Robbie Keane
      He once played for Spurs
      but no one here cares
      now his career is alive is alive,
      alive o


      Alive, alive ooo
      alive, alive ooo
      Keano’s a red, nuff said
      alive, alive oooo.


      Alive, alive ooo
      alive, alive ooo
      Keano’s a red, nuff said
      alive, alive oooo.

  13. Ryan says:

    my bad, forgot to show the vid…

  14. larklanedwayne says:

    (strawberry fields song)

    You can’t take him down if you wanted to..
    Our Robbie Keane,
    Reds goal machine,
    Keane is a red forever..!

  15. Stephen Gallagher says:

    he’s fast he’s red,
    he talks like father ted,
    robbie keane, robbie keane

  16. Juna says:

    stephen gallager.. yours in the winner mat.e

  17. Liam McDermott says:

    love it lads…keep up the good work!! strawberry fields and the one from Dave in N.Ireland

  18. Simon says:

    When we found ourselves in times of trouble,
    Rafa only had crouchy
    but now we have the answer,
    Robbie Keane Robbie Keane

  19. Jono B says:

    I love the one by Stephen Gallagher! It’s absolutely quality!
    He’s fast!
    He’s Red!
    He speaks like Father Ted!
    He’s Robbie Keane,
    He’s Robbie Keane!

  20. torres is king says:

    I day in the like of robbie/and torres and gerrard is my title. Its in two parts and may need work guys.

    I read the news today oh spurs about a lucky man who made the grade
    oh the news was rather sad but i just had to laugh
    as i saw robbie in his red top in a photgraph
    he blew our mind with his goals. He just noticed that hes fans have changed. a crowd in the kop just stood and stared as we had seen his face before. No one was sure was he ever gonna stop scoring us goals

    The next bit is the fast part of the song ( you know the bit i mean )

    Torres got up passed the ball to keane who was in red
    they found there way to the goal in front of the kop
    looking up they noticed mr gerrard
    they found the goals and grabbed the cup
    we made the gap up to united in seconds flat
    gerrard made his way upstairs and lifted the prem cup

  21. eric collins says:

    im sorry to say but the 1 by stephen gallagher
    “hes fast, hes red”
    id made that up b4 we’d even signed him but the tune went

    hes small
    hes red
    he speaks like father ted
    robbie keane
    robbie keane

    its more appropriate coz he keane aint really that fast!!!

  22. rozza says:

    He’s fast
    He’s red
    He talks like father ted

    Robbie keane
    Robbie Keane

  23. Liverpool FC says:

    To Tune Of ‘Music Man’

    He Is An An Irish Man
    He’s From Across The Way
    And He Can Play,
    It’s Robbie Keane !

    Kia-Kia, Keano, Keano, Keano
    Kia-Kia, Keano
    Kia, Keano

  24. Liverbirdy says:

    To the tune of You Are My Sunshine…

    Robbie Keano
    He’s completed his dream move
    He came from Tottenham to his boyhood club
    He joins Liverpool from those sucka fools
    Spurs look how we stole your Keano away…

  25. Liverbirdy says:

    The Stevie G one is good, but lets be honest, we cannot use Gerrard’s tune (or Torres’ tune) for anyone else… its like football blasphemy… Great words though, the Harry part was awwwwesome!

  26. Craig D says:

    How about this (to the tune of “the red flag”?

    Oh, we are Liverpool FC
    The greatest team in history
    It’s on the Spion Kop we stand
    The best supporters in the land

    So raise the scarves and flags up high
    We’ll be at Wembley by and by
    Tho’ toffees, mancs and cockneys sneer
    We’ll keep the red shirts flying here