Date:22nd July 2008 at 8:03am
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I was reading Ian Wright’s column this morning and he was suggesting that Fernando Torres could leave Liverpool if we do not win the Premiership this season. I do not quite agree with Mr. Wright. As much as we all want us to win the Premiership and I am sure Rafa and the players may want to win it even more than we do, it will not be easy. And I am sure Torres knows that it will not be easy. We may not win the Premiership this coming season but we certainly are going to come close in my opinion. And even if we fall short, as painful as it will be, I do not see Torres leaving.

Rafa has been building something special at Liverpool over the last couple of seasons and we are starting to see it taking shape. It is going to be hard to jump from fourth place in the league to number one. If we finish second or third next season and cut the eleven point gap, it will be an improvement which we should be happy about. Then the following season we can then push to be champions. And I am sure the likes of Torres realise that and thus they would not leave if we fail next season. Maybe if we do not win the Premiership in the next three or four seasons, then they may leave, but saying next season is do or die is pushing it.