Date: 18th July 2008 at 1:28pm
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Now you must be wondering what the heck I am doing talking about Manchester United on a Liverpool website. This weekend, Manchester United play Kaizer Chiefs in Cape Town, South Africa. Now, I live in Cape Town and the stadium they will be playing in is not too far from where I stay. It is not often, ‘top’ football teams come over to Cape Town to play soccer. All the Manchester United fans I know are really excited about seeing their team. Most of them only get the chance to see their team play on TV. I would feel the same if Liverpool were to ever come to Cape Town. So I was given the oportunity this week to go to the game tomorrow and see Manchester United play. But, I turned it down!

I thought to myself, would I really be able to watch the enemy play live? My hatred for Manchester United got the better of me and I realised there was no way I could go watch the game.  I hate Manchester United so much that I have turned down VIP tickets to watch them. I know some would say, just go and watch for the sake of it as a fan of soccer. I understand that, but some just do not realise how much my blood boils when I hear the name Manchester United, now what more actually seeing them play live! If it were any other team besides Manchester United, I probably would have gone to see them play.

On the other hand, I could have gone and said I was supporting Kaizer Chiefs but I have other issues with Kaizer Chiefs! I also can not stand them. The honest truth is, I used to be a fan of Kaizer Chiefs some years back when they were the best team in South Africa but over the last couple of years they just have not done it for me and thus I abandoned them. So now who do I want to win tomorrows game? I hope Kaizer Chiefs knock the stuffing out of Manchester United, that really would just make my weekend!


7 responses to “Manchester United in Cape Town”

  1. Keith Scott says:

    Well, that shows you up for the feckle scouser you are, I support a successful team in SA but not anymore as they arnt the best!!!! grow up, if thats your theory why are you still following Lonneypool? not exactly been a successful 20yrs for them…….. God I hate Scousers.

    • Ron says:

      I take it you are a Manure supporter Keith? As for a an unsuccessful 20 years, I am not complaining we still are the most successful team in England. As for my stopping supporting Kaizer Chiefs, there is much behind that than their poor run over the last couple of years.

  2. Paul Todd says:

    Good on you Ron, dont bother going to watch them!

  3. Farhad says:

    I can imagine that it chokes you that Manchester United have kicked LFC off their perch and nowadays best they can do is fight Everton for the 4th spot in the premiership.

    • Ron says:

      Off our perch Farhad?? Last I checked we had 18 league titles and 5 European Cups compared to Man Utd’s, 17 and 3.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Yes Manure is very excited about being a closer #2. No one seems to mention that ever, but yes indeed you are #2. Like the poop that comes out of my butt, you are assigned to be numero dos.

    On that note, I agree wholeheartedly with not going and seeing the scum play. I am glad to see however, that we have so many supporters of the aforementioned scum floating about here. Inferiority complex much?

  5. drew says:

    manure = chelski = everton = osama bin laden