Date: 15th June 2008 at 11:03am
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According to the papers, Newcastle winger, James Milner is desperate to move to Anfield this summer. It is clear that we need some quality wingers to join us in the summer but is Milner the kind of player we should be after? For me, I do not think there is much difference between Milner and Pennant. So signing Milner would not make us a better team. Milner has his great attributes but we need a world class player down the wing if we are to challenge for the Premiership.

According to the report, we may have to pay £7m for Milner. For me that would be a total waste of money! It could be £7m used better somewhere else. It’s high time we stop buying average and mediocre players. We must start moving forward and buying players who will make us better. Not disrespect to Milner, he is a talented player, but he is not what we need at Liverpool right now.


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  1. Youssef says:

    Hugh 60'000 at the cnurert Stadium is the absolute LIMIT! there can be no more further expansion after that!, Anfield is hallowed ground but obsolete nevertheless, the fans make Anfield not the other way around….we NEED a NEW Stadium!.