Date: 25th May 2008 at 9:59am
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I have been doing my rounds around the various websites and newspapers this morning and it is all the same come this time of the year. Every player is linked with moving to a new team in the summer. There are even suggestions that Gerrard is on his way to Italy so to Torres. I laugh at some of this! These newspapers are out to make money so they have to have a catchy headline so people buy their paper. Something like “Torres is leaving Liverpool” well sell any paper.

Then there is the continued talk about who is coming to Liverpool in the summer. Today I do not want to dwell on specific names of who is coming and from where, but rather looking at our current team and deciding what we really need to buy in order for us to push for the title next season.

In goal, I am very happy with Reina. We may need some cover for him in case he gets a serious injury. I am not too sure what is happening with Scot Carson but I think he is set to sign permanently for Aston Villa. Carson is a great keeper and it would be a shame if he were to come back and warm the bench at Anfield. So maybe buying an experienced back up keeper would be wise especially if Carson is sold for big money.

In central defence we are solid and do not need to buy any centre backs. With Carragher, Hyypia, Skrtel and Agger we probably have the best depth in central defence in the Premiership. Now looking at the wingbacks, this is where we need to do some serious shopping! Currently there is Finnan and Arbeloa down the right and Riise and Aurellio down the left. All four are not world class players. They can get the job done but they are not exceptional. We need wingbacks that can bombard forward and get a couple of goals and at the same time provide quality crosses. We have signed the Swiss right-back, Philipp Degen but I have not seen him play before so I can not say how good he is. But I will surely be keeping an eye on him during Euro2008. Two quality wingbacks need to be on the shopping list and maybe offload Finnan and Riise.

In Central midfield we are solid. We did not come up with the chant “We have the best midfield in the world!” for nothing. There is plenty of talk about Gareth Barry coming to Liverpool and Alonso going to Juventus but either way, we will still be okay in central midfield. The problem, which has been a problem for many years now, is having quality on the wings. We need to buy wingers and world class wingers at that. Not average players but big name signings. Wingers who can attack, beat defenders, preferably by doing step-overs and at the end of if fire shot or supply a telling cross into the box. We need one for the right and one on the left. And let’s try get natural wingers. Not midfielders come wingers or strikers come wingers. For this we would need to spend big, maybe even £15m for each winger.

Upfront we have Torres and that’s about it. Kuyt did a good job down the right and he should stay. But as for Vorinin he should be the first to leave. I am not too sure about Crouch. Crouch would be good if we got quality wingers to supply crosses to him, but with the new 4-2-3-1 formation Rafa is using it means there is room for only one striker and that will be Torres. It would be nice to have Crouch stay as he provides a threat with is height but we need cover for Torres. I do not see Crouch being a 30 goal a season man if Torres gets injured. Then again we have Nemeth in the reserves who I think is a great prospect. To make up for the sale of Vorinin we have to either buy a striker of have faith in Nemeth.

So Rafa’s shopping list should be: 1 Goalkeeper, 2 wingbacks, 2 wingers and 1 striker. Hopefully the Yanks can give him a blank cheque to go do his shopping with.


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  1. Guy says:

    I agree with you Ron but where will the money come from? The Yanks are busy fighting with each other and i doubt they will give Rafa a blank cheque. Rafa has to sell i think to get some cash and i think thats why he wants to sell Alonso and get about 15 million from that then maybe 10m from selling Carson and another 15m from selling Crouch. Thats already 45m from three players we really can do without. Then cash in on the likes of Riise, Finnan, Vorinin and Pennant and all those could bring in another 10m. Thats a whooping 50m.