Date: 24th May 2008 at 1:10pm
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I was reading this morning and it was saying that Albert Riera wants to leave Espanyol. Apparently Rafa is interested in purchasing Riera and could be signed for £6m although it is thought that Reira has a minimum release fee of £16m.

Who is Albert Riera? Apparently he played for Manchester City in 2006 on loan but I do not remember hearing about him at all. He is said to be a left sided player and would be a possible solution for our troublesome left wing position, more so now that Harry Kewell will not be available. Now my problem with this potential signing is that; we may splash out 6m on this player and we do not know much about him. Obviously Rafa knows much more about him than we do but is this the kind of signing we need to be making in order to challenge for the title next season? We need a left winger and I do not think Riera is the solution. He will come in, take him a season to settle in and then maybe pick up an injury and rule him out for a while and we may never realise his full potential and that will be £6m gone to waste.

We need a left winger who will come in a do the job straight away. Maybe I am wrong and Albert Riera is a very good player. Lets wait and see what comes out of this.


One response to “Albert Riera to be our winger?”

  1. Sid says:

    The only winger we need to sign is Quaressma. Riera who????? This will be another Gonzalez type signing.