Date: 13th October 2015 at 4:40pm
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The Premier League has been on an international break, but all the players have reported back to their respective clubs. Other than Chelsea’s poor start of the season, all eyes will be on Liverpool F.C. Why? Because they are now managed by one of the best managers in the world, Jurgen Klopp. The former Borussia Dortmund boss was appointed on the 8th of October 2015 as the new Liverpool manager. Before the start of the season, he quit as the Dortmund manager and rumours had it that he was to join Arsenal or Man City. All that is irrelevant, because he is now the driver of the Reds. Will he manage as the new manager? What should be expected from the team with all the changes?

The New Attack Man
Klopp has always wanted a unique form of playing. To him, he prefers to have the players to put more pressure on their opponents and score a lot. That means that he wants a player that is fast, agile, and hungry for goals. Currently, Sturridge is injured, and Benteke is expected to keep on flying the forward flag. The most suitable candidate for Klopp’s kind of play is Ings. Nonetheless, he may go with Benteke and nurture him gradually to become what he wants.

The Klopp Way of Playing
As he said in a press conference, he didn’t focus more on the philosophy of football. Klopp has a unique style of playing, called the Gegenpressing. This is a style of play that entails the countering of the counter attack. This means that any player who loses the ball must run for it and win it back. This seems kind of different from Brendan Rogers style of play.

The idea here is that the player that has won the ball has used up more energy, so he is left susceptible. It may mean that he is off balance and may not have a clear notion of where his fellow player is. Since he doesn’t know exactly where his teammates are, he might quickly lose possession. For that, when he is chasing after the ball, his teammates should be tailing him for backup. Meaning that the player will find it easy to supply the ball when he wins it back. Nonetheless, if he doesn’t win the ball back, the players will pull back and get back to their positions. This is a unique style that has not been in the Premier League.

Is There a Change in the Defence Line?
At Dortmund, Klopp used the 4-2-3-1 formation, which he might be using at Liverpool. A change that should be noticed is the full-backs, who are expected to move forward. Klopp highly values the full-backs, and they are his major elements at the defence. Most probably, he will depend on Alberto Moreno and Nathaniel Clyne on the left and right, respectively. The Reds are having a tough challenge at the White Hart Lane this weekend, especially with after Tottenham beat Man City 4-1. betting odds also suggest that Liverpool won’t have an easy job as Tottenham is a slight favourite to win the match.


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