Date: 11th August 2015 at 1:29pm
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The last four years have been really tough for Brendan Rodgers off the field. Both Rodgers’ parents have died in recent years, while he has also split up with his wife, coupled with his son facing sexual assault charges. But with all that happening, Rodgers has managed to keep it going on the professional front in his football management career as he has revealed in a book published about surviving football management.

‘I’ve been through probably the most traumatic four years of my life,’ Rodgers said.

‘I lost my mum. I lost my dad. I split up from the woman I loved for 23 years.

‘I had a court case, two Old Bailey trials over six weeks with my son who was charged with sexual assault, which was an absolute disgrace.

‘Yet professionally, here and at Swansea, these have been the best four years of my life. Something has to come from within.

‘You have to put the professional and personal to each side. It’s about being happy of course, but the owners have paid me to do a job, so I will do the job.’

What Rodgers has been through over the last four years is enough pressure in ones life. But now throw in the hardships of football management, one has to take their hat off to the Liverpool manager.


One response to “Brendan Rodgers reveals details on a traumatic four years of his life”

  1. Geoff Price says:

    Why are you trying to justify Rodgers being in the position he holds as manager of this club, with some kind of sympathy about the difficult time he has had during the last four years. We have all been through these periods during our lifetime, and we get on with them as best as we can.

    When your be criticised it’s for a reason wether your a regular guy doing a job or a football manager, if your not performing then your sacked if you cost your employee money. So Rodgers has failed miserably in all aspects of his time at this club, he’s been arrogant embarrassing, in his choice of personal and players alike. Disrepecfful to former players and too his former assistants. Not too mention taking another mans wife, who just happened to be a former Liverpool FC employee. Is this not embarrassing when the club advertise that we are a world family club, somewhere along the line double standards apply. Personally I find it very difficult to have any respect for this guy, both as a man and most definitely a football manager, he is and always will be the Imposter.