Liverpool’s Worst Ever No.9s

Andy Carroll


This list can not be complete without mentioning Liverpool’s record signing. Andy Carroll joined Liverpool in 2011 for a club record fee of £35 million. With Liverpool having sold Fernando Torres, a new source of goals was needed and Carroll was not the solution. The giant striker was plagued with injuries during his time at Anfield but even when he was fit he failed to do much, notching up 11 goals in 58 appearances.

2 responses to “Liverpool’s Worst Ever No.9s”

  1. Johnnythrostle says:

    I will be amazed if Rickie doesn’t get into double figures at Albion.its how you play him,he needs balls like the one from McClean the other night v Bristol and with Albion buying in proven pact wingers he will get his bread and butter balls,what you have to remember is Rickie is a goal scorer/finisher.Liverpool’s impatient loss Albion’s gain I think

  2. Ruddiger says:

    Ah, Football. It only started 15 years ago. Plank.