Date: 5th May 2015 at 4:17pm
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Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers believes there is far too much “short-termism” in football these days.

Rodgers has been put to the fire in recent weeks after losing the FA Cup semi-final to Aston Villa and failing to qualify for the Champions League this year.

Liverpool has endured an up and down season thus far, but they have played exceptionally poorly in recent weeks. Manchester United’s gaff against Everton gave Liverpool a sliver of hope to reach the top four, but the Reds blew the chance by losing to Hull.

Many of the Liverpool faithful have been calling for Rodgers to be sacked, but the U.S. owners continue to back the manager.

Rodgers insists that he is building a strong team that will compete in future seasons, but his track record has not been impressive. Losing Louis Suarez in the offseason was a blow but Rodgers has not used the money from the transfer to better the team.

Summer signings such as Mario Balotelli and Adam Lallana have failed to live up to expectations and Raheem Sterling has indicated that he may leave Anfield this summer.

All signs point to a deciding season of football next year for Rodgers, despite his long term-plan at Anfield. If he fails to qualify for the Champions League again next year, he may very well be removed from his position.


4 responses to “Rodgers on the Hot Seat”

  1. Rad ashton says:

    Why wait for another season and risk missing out Champions League 2 years running? After 3 years and £215 M dumped on almost absolute mediocrity calls for a sack anyway you look at it.

  2. John R. Mwangeka says:

    There’s no need for short- termism at LFC. The successful managers who have managed big clubs in the world to-day,eg, Jose Murinho, Pep Guardiola, Sir Alex Ferguson,etc had also difficulties at the beginning of their careers and thus Brendan Rogers is no exception. BR has shown he has potential in the last 3yrs; runners up position and the scintillating football we’ve seen at Anfield speaks for itself. Over 200m sterling pounds spent on players; this cannot be blamed totally on BR! FSG; there’s need to reform the recruitment committee with a view of making it more efficient and more accountable. I believe FSG will make the necessary changes in this committee and LFC will succeed this time in the transfer market and what a good team BR will lead next season. YWNWA.

  3. Peter says:

    Why Waisting Time. He’s Not Good, He’s Under Grade. He Does’nt Have Much Experience. If He, Rodges Staying, Then Lfc Should Expect A Looooooooooonger Years Of No Trophy. His Last 3 Is The Begining, I Still Say The Earlier The Better

  4. Geoff Price says:

    So here he goes again banging on I’m the only one for this job, well we got news for you…..your not by any stretch of the imagination. What you saw at Anfield on Saturday the flying banner(Rafa in Rodgers out) is just the beginning of protest against your mis-management.

    While on the subject of banging on the door…..was it not too long back that your girlfriends husband was banging on your door…..and you being what you are never opened it…did you? I hope that you get what you deserve for all your arrogance and embarrassing comments youv’e come up with during your time here.

    Slowly but surely people are beginning to see through you for what you really are (The Imposter) we supporters are not on the LFC payroll and do not have to toe the party line….we pay our dues and we will express our thoughts and feelings when we see fit. As I have mentioned many times previously about your inability to carry out this job because your complete lack of football knowledge…..your out of your depth and totally deluded if you think you are a tactical genius…..I really do wounder what keeps your ears apart.

    If it’s true that the owners have given you their backing and will persist with your for another season, the we could all be in for another painful season. I cannot and would not expect FSG to bank roll you in this coming transfer market, why would they your record is beyond dismal as are your leadership skills….all in all you are waste of space…..enough is enough.