Date: 3rd February 2015 at 7:41pm
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Brendan Rodgers says Adam Lallana is now showing Liverpool fans why the club paid £25million for his services in the summer.

The England international has recently returned from injury, and prior to that had been performing superbly in a makeshift front three that included Raheem Sterling and Philippe Coutinho.

And Rodgers believes the former Southampton man’s strong mentality helped him through a testing start to his Liverpool career.

“I remember seeing Adam when he was younger and he was a wonderful technician but he has a toughness mentally,” said Rodgers.

“He didn’t become captain at Southampton for nothing. It wasn’t given to him because he was a local player and I could see that.

“I remember talking to a few of the guys who had been with him with England and they said he was a tough character.

“He has all the skills and mentality to play at a club like this where the pressure is on every day and every game and you can see he is relishing that.

“He was outstanding at the weekend (against West Ham).”

What have you made of Adam Lallana’s recent performances? Is he as important as Raheem Sterling and Philippe Coutinho? Let us know your thoughts below. 


One response to “Rodgers offers praise to Reds £25million man”

  1. Geoff Price says:

    Yes he is but really you would expect that from a 25 £ million pound signing. While straying off the subject a wee bit, why did we not do any buisness during the transfer window, when it was so obvious that we neede strenghing in a few positions. I suppose the owners took a long hard luck at what the Imposter brought in during the summer, and thought can we really trust this guy…..I see this as a resounding NO.

    Why on earth we did not invest in Deli Ali is beyond belief, with Stevie G going that position was crying out for someone who shows huge talent powerful and strong and scores goals. Maybe Rodgers prefers his usual 5.0 nothing type players who get bullied of the ball and don’t score goals and cost the club millions….I still maintain that this guy is not only small in statue but also small minded in his approach to what is needed. Will he ever get the balance right….judging what I have seen so far the answer is NO.

    Rodgers you will be found out it is only a matter of time, the Harley Davidson awaits you and your sidekick as we wave you both Bon Voyage.