Date: 9th January 2015 at 2:20pm
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Brendan Rodgers said Liverpool must do more to attract the ‘world’s best’ players to Anfield, after the Reds missed out on yet another top transfer target in Xherdan Shaqiri.

The Swiss international opted to sign for Inter Milan, and became the latest in a long line of star names to reject a switch to Anfield.

Rodgers has missed out on the likes of Diego Costa, Willian, and Alexis Sanchez during his time at Anfield, and admits the club must do more to attract the big names.

He said: “Last season, after nearly winning the league and qualifying for the Champions League and playing a game that excited people, we were in a great position to attract a high level of player.

“We have to believe that the status of this club and the idea that the club is moving forward will make players still want to come here.

“The team has changed and the players have changed but the great name of Liverpool is still the same. For a lot of players it’s two things – game time and money, simple as that.

“That’s the way of the modern game – how often are they going to play and money that they’ll earn.

“There are cases when players will forfeit the financial side to come to a project that they feel they can play a big part in. It’s difficult of course because players will opt, for whatever reason, to go elsewhere.

“Some may prefer to go to Spain, some to London. But you just have to keep working and finding the players who can make you the best you can be.

“There have been some outstanding players who have come but there is no doubt that we need to replace them either through some of our young players getting an opportunity or our players stepping up to the mark, but also bringing in that quality. Time will tell on that.

“Over the last couple of years some of our top players have gone. I want to work with that elite level of player, as a coach and a manager.

“I enjoy working equally with the stars and world-class talent as I do with young players. This is Liverpool. We have to be in the running for the world’s best.”


2 responses to “Rodgers admits LFC must do better in the transfer market”

  1. Saeed says:

    Rodger, one thng with you is that you lack the experience to know which player is actually good, and even if you got those good players you craving for, you’l find it very difficult to use them because you lack the ability to withstand pressure at the top level, you have players like lallana, markovic, emry can, and the host of others, what did you do with them, these guys are good from their respective clubs only to come to liverpool to become flops due to the fact u lack technicalities. Playing gerrard infront of the back four has cause more harm than good but you still stick to that, you threw away agger who would have been an asset for lfc because of personal reasons, you fail to replace suarez even when the whole world were shouting that liverpool will fail without replacing suarez, dropping inform players even when you know they are the opium of the team at that moment, Rodger…….what a coach. please LFC is bigger than you, there’s no doubt that you a good coach but not for club like liverpool. Clubs like everton, southon, westbrom, and the host of other smaller teams needs you more than we the liverpool fans needs you. Please honourably resign before you get disgraced. No doubt, you only have till the end of the season to go, wether you turn things around or things remain the way it is….thanks. YNWA

  2. Geoff Price says:

    Yes we do need to do better in the transfer market, but I’m afraid with a muppet like you in charge those chances are pretty slim. Have you no shame you are being ridiculed from all sides, don’t you see this your arrogance is there for all to see. I cannot respect you, I will be very happy if you go and ply your lack of skills elsewhere.