Date: 2nd December 2014 at 2:52pm
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Mario Balotelli has been contacted by the FA after posting what can be considered a racist and anti-semetic post on his Instagram page.

The Italian forward reposted an image of Nintendo character Super Mario which said the computer game hero was a combination of Italian, Japanese, Mexican and English influences.

But the doctored image reposted by Balotelli in what he later said was an “unlucky moment” added that Mario “…jumps like a black man and grabs coins like a jew.”

Following a backlash on social media, Balotelli was forced into an apology for the picture – which he had earlier removed.

“I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone,” he wrote on Twitter. “The post was meant to be anti-racist with humour. I now understand that out of context may have the opposite effect. Not all Mexicans have moustache, not all black people and not all Jewish people love money.

“I used a carton done by someone else because it has Super Mario and I thought it was funny and not offensive. Again, I’m sorry.”

A spokesperson for the FA has since confirmed the matter is being looked into.


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