Date: 26th November 2014 at 10:25am
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Brendan Rodgers has hit back at Jamie Carragher’s comments, after the former Reds defender claimed Liverpool were mentally weak following Sunday’s defeat to Crystal Palace.

Liverpool face a crucial Champions League clash in Bulgaria this evening, knowing a fifth consecutive defeat will all but end their hopes of qualifying for the last 16.

And Rodgers used his pre-match press conference to hit back at the claims his side lacked character.

“We hear criticism of the team, but this team has character – it showed it last season – it’s got resilience,” he said.

“OK, we will concede more than we would like at times but you can’t question the character.

“It can’t be criticised. We have players who’ve shown they have spirit.

“It’s a comment that’s been made of course – it’s something that happens when you’re paid to be critics, well not critics, but to assess the team.

“When you lose games what I’ve learnt is people will say they want and that’s what comes,” he added.

“I’ve said before whether criticism is deserved, or not, you won’t like it, but you just have to ignore it. You just have to not listen to it.

“I have a team full of characters, full of people fully committed and hopefully that’s something that will improve.”


8 responses to “Rodgers hits back at Carragher”

  1. RedShanks says:

    “… whether criticism is deserved, or not… you just have to ignore it. You just have to not listen to it.”


  2. Raz says:

    This fools arrogance is getting worse… “You just have to ignore it”???? What planet is this fool on??? Last year WE WERE LUCKY TO HAVE SUAREZ on board… This year, we started with minus 30 goals and rubbish buys for £100m!!!!

    When Dalglish fell to 6th, we sacked him. This arrogant moron is mid table mediocrity – just like he did at Swansea!!!!

    Get this arrogant fool out of the kitchen!!!!!

  3. Billy johnson says:

    Sorry but Rodgers should stop being pig headed, he should listen to criticism, every business & football is a business, needs constructive criticism. He should come clean hold his hand up, admit that the majority of his signings are abysmal, the fans would appreciate that more than his arrogance. He should also realise & know football is meant to be entertaining. But the crap he’s dished up this year is anything but. Let’s get real if it was free entry into anfield, you would still feel cheated, the crowd tell you when your playing good or bad, unfortunately its been crap, anfield is totally void of atmosphere, fact. One important fact is pre season, the friendlies we had, should be about finding who gels, bedding in new players, but know all Rodgers has his own ideas, he played reserve players, and players he was moving on?? He never played 11 players you thought might just be the starting 11. So now he’s wondering why it’s gone more than pear shaped. Please don’t give Gerrard an extension on his contract, he was finished last year. It will be another backward move, I shouldn’t have to tell Rodgers this but any team needs 11 athletes, Gerrard is no longer an Athlete.

  4. Raythered says:

    This fuckin ejit is sounding more delusional than the confused owl Woy Hodgson ever did even in he’s worst days as Liverpool manager. Time for this clown Rodgers to fuck off and stop making a circus out of Liverpool.

    • Raz says:

      Well said!!! He won’t leave though…

      It’s all about HIM… The teeth whitening, losing weight, new girlfriend, highlights in the hair… He is more concerned about his image than the folks who PAY his salary… And the Institute that LFC used to be. He has made us into mid table mediocrity. NO team gears playing against us… They lick their lips as they know they getting 3 points!!!

      Wasted 100million… Coz he thought he could turn a turd into gold – dillusional!!!!

      F off out Rogers… And don’t anybody start with the “he needs time bull shit”… Time for what????? More highlights and teeth whitening treatments??????

  5. Edward Nigma says:

    TBH Carragher isn’t fucking helping at all, instead of helping the team by providing suggestions he just trying to hurt the morale of a team that has no confidence already.