Date: 10th September 2014 at 3:33pm
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Liverpool have attempted to get supporters to stop swearing at Anfield, in perhaps the most patronising and cringeworthy way possible.

The club today posted an image of iconic cartoon character Bart Simpson writing “I will not swear when I sing the Stevie G song,” on the chalkboard he’s always stuck writing lines on for being badly behaved, or whatever.

It even posted alternative lyrics – “he’s big and he’s VERY hard” – which to be honest, just sounded a bit dodgy.

What self respecting grown adult, would have looked at this image posted on the club’s official Instagram account and thought: “Oh well if Bart Simpson says I should stop swearing at Anfield, then it must be important.”

Whoever came up with this ingenious idea to stop Liverpool supporters swearing, is frankly a ****** idiot.


2 responses to “What the **** is this Bart Simpson/Stevie G post about?!”

  1. This is written by one of Fleet Streets finest Journalist’s the infamous Jack Wilson, who regularly attacks anything connected with Liverpool Football Club on a regular basis, rumour has it that the hierarchy have warned him he faces expulsion or Job Seekers Allowance if he doesn’t produce and taken into account the duress he’s under and possible medication abuse, not to mention extreme alcohol units per Female a week, then he shouldn’t be held accountable.