Date: 10th August 2014 at 4:47pm
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Seven days. That’s all, only seven days until the Reds return to competitive action.

The World Cup was a great appetiser but now we move on to the main course and I for one can’t wait.

But it seems like my excitement isn’t shared by every Reds fan.

Apparently Chelsea are set to be the next invincibles, Arsenal’s new signings will keep them in the hunt for the title past Easter Sunday for once, and Man United couldn’t possibly be as poor again.

All valid points but they’re not important, our job as fans isn’t to worry about opposition teams.

The modern day football fan seems to be a tactical genius charged with assessing the opposition while also keeping an eye on the club’s finances to make sure they don’t spiral out of control.

In actual fact our task is much simpler, we just need to support the team.

Our rivals have strengthened? Support the team.

Dejan Lovren cost too much? Support the team.

We’ve sold our best player and haven’t replaced him? Don’t worry about any of that just support the team.

I’m not suggesting that we bury our heads in the sand. Like every other club we have a lot to improve on but for my money we’re in a very strong position.

We have owners who not only back the team financially but also fully support the manager while managing to largely avoid negative headlines.

We have a manager in Brendan Rodgers who has shown more tactical acumen than anybody in the league and has also created a team that plays attractive football.

We have a number of experienced players complemented by an incredible array of young, attacking talent.

Don’t forget last season we scored 101 goals and went into the final game of the season with a mathematical chance of winning the league for the first time in more than two decades.

Over the coming days plenty of people will offer you great tips on which team is going to win the league, which player is going to win the golden boot and maybe even which manager will be the first to lose his job.

I can’t offer you any advice on what’s going to happen this season because, like most people, I have absolutely no idea.

Last season was the most unpredictable Premier League season in recent times and this season could be exactly the same.

So rather than worry about our opponent’s tea lady or which team committed the most foul throws last season why not just sit back and enjoy the ride?

Last season we proved without a shadow of a doubt that we are the best fans in the country.

The team bus was welcomed to Anfield by a sea of red towards the end of last season and the atmosphere inside the ground was electric.

But having said that I don’t actually know many Reds fans that enjoy watching football and I must admit that towards the end of last season the tension was almost unbearable.

So this year I’m making a New Season’s Resolution.

I’m going to enjoy football again.

It will be tough and if we concede a penalty in the 88th minute of our first game of the season again then I’m sure I’ll find it tough to stick to my resolution.

But I’m going to do my best to enjoy watching the side again and make sure I give them my full support.

Following The Reds is about to be fun again.


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