Date:1st August 2014 at 5:01pm
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If one thing has become clear in the years since Brendan Rodgers joined our great club, it is that the owners are backing him for the long term. This commitment is to the everlasting credit of FSG and the return to the hefty heights of the 2013/14 campaign is testament to the success of such a project.

Everything that the club has done under the tenure of FSG, particularly in the past season and a half following an initial time to settle and scheme, has been with one eye (if not two) on the future years.

Firstly, the owners have invested heavily in the team. Brendan Rodgers and the transfer committee have had a large amount of money to spend in the market and that’s without mentioning the enormous investments to save the club from the very brink following the disastrous Hicks and Gillett reign. The final signing of the past owners? Paul Konchesky and the first with FSG money… Yep, a certain Luis Suárez. Point well made I’m sure you’d agree. If that hasn’t done it for you, take another look at that infamous Roy Hodgson’s signings photo alongside the brilliant trio of Joe Cole, Milan Jovanovic and Danny Wilson.

The club have come a long way since the dark days of Hicks and Gillett.

The club have come a long way since the dark days of Hicks and Gillett.

Moving on… not only have investments been sizeable but each and every signing clearly part of Rodgers’ masterplan. All hungry and enthusiastic players and the majority have the best years ahead of them. Look at this summers so far for example. Alongside that, look at the young talent Rodgers has compiled and nurtured, these are players that will only get better in the next few years:



Jordan Ibe is the latest exciting young talent to emerge at Anfield.

Jordan Ibe is the latest exciting young talent to emerge at Anfield.

– Ibe – 18

– Origi – 19

– Sterling – 19

– Suso – 20

– Markovic – 204336450

– Emre Can- 20

– Flanagan – 21

– Coutinho – 22

– Henderson – 24

– Sakho- 24

– Sturridge – 24

Impressive, no? Couple that with business savvy owners that are continually increasing our sponsorship income and are actually doing something about the stadium. Yes, it’s worth putting up with Warrior kits and a giant Dunkin’ Donut. You are left with a club moving in the right direction, a shared objective and a close knit ‘family feel’ about the place. This was demonstrated in the manner the club handled the whole Suárez saga. Anybody else feel that, in the end, we projected a rather classy exterior as our star player moved on?

Finally, the long term project has allowed Rodgers to create a squad that is very much his. This will be the reason that I’m sure Simon Mignolet will continue in his role as No. 1 ahead of the returning Pepe Reina whilst players like Daniel Agger may be allowed to leave in the coming weeks. Even if the Great Dane went on to be one of the worlds best central defenders at his next club, Rodgers would stand by his decision to sell him because the truth is that he’s not the centre back that Rodgers wants in his team. He wants a very specific type of player and clearly some from the old regime aren’t to his taste.

Brendan led us through a great season last year and has earned the trust of not only the owners but the following Kopites, each and every one. With that in mind, let’s sit back and watch what we build. This isn’t an attempt at a quick fix but in fact a quite brilliant, long term project.

Who needs Luis Suárez eh?