Date: 28th April 2014 at 3:41pm
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As one of the most famous clubs in the world, let alone England, the lion’s share of football fans will know something about Liverpool FC. Whether it’s about the height of the Shankly era or our high-octane victory over Manchester City, there’s sure to be the odd bit of the team’s history, past or present, that they will remember in an instant, but what about our fans?

A fiendish quiz created with hardcore fans in mind asked Liverpool fans the question – how well do you know your team? The quiz, which also asked the same of fans of every other club in this season’s Premier League, a series of 10 random questions about the club, including its past, records and key games which were history-defining in one way or another.

Hit and miss

Overall, it has been revealed that some fans know quite a bit more than others. The median score posted in the quiz so far was five out of 10, something that 16% of people posted. Just a shade below 1% managed to go through the entire quiz without getting a single thing right, while 6% scored a perfect 10.

Around 46% of Liverpool fans got at least 6/10 from the quiz, something which seems to be the norm among rival sets of fans. Overall, it seems that either some of the questions asked were a little too difficult or that a few supporters don’t know as much as they would want to, but how did the rivals fare?

Stuck in the middle

Starting with that lot in blue just a few hundred metres away, Everton fans, grudgingly, seem to know more about their team than we know about ours. 57% of their fans got at least 6/10, while 10% of Toffees got a perfect score. However, the proportion of their supporters getting nothing right was slightly higher, standing at just over the 1% mark!

Manchester United fans appear to be pretty clueless about their team’s history though. 17% of them got just 4/10, which was the most popular score. Meanwhile, a paltry 3% got 10/10. Manchester City fans proved roughly as knowledgeable as our own, as was the case with Chelsea.


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